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Hearts of Iron IV: AnimeCountry
Download this AnimeCountry mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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17 Nov 2019

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This mod adds AnimeCountry to the Game.

Author lost motivation to update this mod.
Or no?

Mod released! Version 1.7

This mod adds four anime countries.

Animeland – neutral country, in which you can choose any path. Your main target as either fascist/communist ideology is to capture Balkans. And if you are playing as democrats – then you’re insane.

Hentalia Empire – country with fascist ideology. It’s main target is to unite Scandinavia and conquer the world. And of course watch some hentai.

Anime Union – it is communistic country, with beautiful leader which is favored by her people. This country is hardest out of four. Your target is to unite whole South America and so that the people live well. EVERYTHING FOR ANIME, COMRADS!

Animestan Empire – country with fascist ideology. In this country anime is a religion, and they are ready to kill for it. They will expand their territories and start crusades on those who don’t follow their religion.

WW2 Anime arts in Our discord server –

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