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Hearts of Iron IV: Army of Iron
Download this Army of Iron mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Army of Iron to the Game.

Authors description: Army of Iron

Army of IronBecause you obviously dont have a clue what the name of this mod is yet

This mod combines the base-game experience with all mods that I consider to be an improvement or welcome addition to the game while eliminating all compatability issues or other errors.

Check the thread below for all mods I directly used and what mods I took ideas from, if you’re the creator of one of them and want them removed, contact me.
Please check out this list of influential mods and ideas and rate the individual mods.

Why should you play the mod?
If you’re looking for a base-game oriented experience with an error log as empty as Hillary Clintons Email account, look no further. Army of Iron fills the gap between total conversion mods and the lacking base-game while working just as smoothly as the latter.

Some of the larger changes included in this mod
Over 70 new and balanced decisions to improve the national situation or waste your political powerA much more challenging and competent AI thanks to the inclusion of Expert AIFocus tree adjustments to several countries, ranging from smaller convenience changes to a serious rearrangement, see some examples:Germany no longer needs to have a civil war to bring back the Kaiser or become democratic, although this exposes your country to all kinds of ♥♥♥♥ery for some time.Italy can now continue its focus tree if they somehow manage to lose in Ethiopia, although it will affect further focusses negatively.The Soviet “Collectivist Propaganda” Branch is now an even more considerable choice.An exhaustion mechanic which adds depth to the economy laws and models demobilization after a war while also annoying everyone for the sake of itMore technologies, including weapons and tanks for the year 1945A demand menu which allows you to achieve territorial ambitions without starting a war every god damn timeA state transfer tool which you can use in case of ♥♥♥♥ed up peace conferencesPuppet Manager so you can finally get rid of Burger Qing (Manchukuo).A lot of graphical “improvements”, equipment icons and proper equipment localisation for many nationsHistorical speeches you can listen to during the game and that everyone wants to see removedA lot more music with according triggers so they do actually play during the gameAdjustments to defines for minor gameplay improvementsIncreased Resources for historically accurate oil distributionConstruct factories for your lesser alliesPartisans can rise up and make you ragequitImproved interface when training troops, designing divisions or simply navigating the mapYou can core territories you conquered over time
Compatibility and Language Support

This mod only supports English. You can play with other languages, but they’re not localised properly so it won’t be as immersive.

Compatibility with other mods is extremely limited. Do not attempt to combine this and major conversion mods like Kaiserreich or Road to 56. Mods that add decisions and graphical mods might work but I can’t guarantee they do.This mod is constantly being developed and updated, if you feel like a certain thing could be added/changed, feel free to suggest them in the threads below. Suggestions may or may not be included.

Happy invading.

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