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Hearts of Iron IV: Atlantis Mu Lemuria Redux – Mu
Download this Atlantis Mu Lemuria Redux - Mu mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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18 Jul 2019

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This mod adds Atlantis Mu Lemuria Redux – Mu to the Game.

Authors description: Atlantis Mu Lemuria Redux – Mu

AML Redux: Mu is a continuation of the original mod “Atlantis Mu Lemuria”. It aims to not only update the mod to current versions of the game, but to add new content and expand on the lore.

For those who missed out on the original mod, this mod adds in a brand new continent with 30 unique nations:
Located in the south Pacific, Mu is a diverse landmass encompassing a number of biomes and cultures. The north west is a tropical jungle, controlled by many polynesian nations, and threatened by the building tensions in the Pacific theater. Central Mu is home to the native Muror peoples, united by the dominant, but not unwavering Mu Federation, and filled with territorial tensions between the Muror and Polynesians. Finally, the south east of the continent is an arid, uneasy post-colonial region, including the Freiestaaten Von Mu, a wildcard german colony, ripped from its owners by Versailles.


Q: Why only Mu? Where are Atlantis and Lemuria?
A: Modding the map is time consuming, and in general working with all of the original mods content would be too much for me. I’ve decided it is going to be much wiser to focus on a single continent and put into it more work and care. That way, the end product is more quality over quantity. Mu was my top pick because it is the most believable of the continents, and had the most nations packed into it. The pacific was a large front during WW2 full of potential for tensions, and Mu simply has a lot more diversity on it than Lemuria or Atlantis. That being said, Atlantis and Lemuria aren’t entirely out of the question.

Q: This is a bit barebones. Where are the focus trees and events?
A: As the mod stands right now, release 1.0.0 is only a port of what was in the old mod. The one focus tree (for FSM) was very broken, and I elected to not included it in the release, as totally overhauling it for the next release would just be more efficient.

Q: Will we be getting regular updates?
A: Of course! This first release is only a direct port of what was in the old mod. Plans for the future including reworking a lot of the borders, flags, portraits, and lore. Focus trees will be progressively added for the main nations, and I will also do my best to include bits of lore outside of the game, to make the world of Mu feel more immersive.

Q: Something is broken in your mod. What do?
A: Simple! Just tell me about the bug. Preferably on Discord, but if you don’t feel like making an account you can also detail it here in the comments, or on reddit. Don’t shy away from reporting anything wrong, I’ll be keeping a running list and try to patch out as much bugs, even small visual ones!

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