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Hearts of Iron IV: Austria-Hungary Lives!
Download this Austria-Hungary Lives! mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

24 Jul 2017

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This mod adds Austria-Hungary Lives! to the Game.

Back in development!

After the defeat of Austria-Hungary in World War I, Kaiser Charles I pressed for Austro-Hungarian independence. The Entente Powers agreed to let Austria-Hungary retain autonomy, but liberated all former nations that were under their rule as well as completely dismantling the Army. The United States did not intervene, and remained out of the discussion on Austro-Hungarian autonomy. In 1922, Charles I died, and the throne was passed to Otto von Hapsburg, and he was determined to regain the lost glory of Austria-Hungary. He started to rebuild the military, and the former Entente powers, wanting to keep the region stabilized, allowed the military to be rebuilt. World War is on the horizon and the question is, can Austria-Hungary regain its lost glory?

Time to find out.


This Mod is in development and will be expanded on!

Current Mod Status:
Map: 100%
Leaders: 100%
Politics: 85%
National Focus: 60%
Events: 50%

The Habsburg Tree is nearly finished, I need to add some more political items underneath the Central Powers focus group as well as completing Polish lands annexation. Fascist, Democratic, and Communist trees will all be created and released soon. Suggestions? Feel free to comment on this mod. Hope you enjoy!

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