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Hearts of Iron IV: Azur Lane: the darkest hour
Download this Azur Lane: the darkest hour mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

3 Apr 2019

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This mod adds Azur Lane: the darkest hour to the Game.

Authors description: Azur Lane: the darkest hour

I’m proud to announce the alpha 0.1.3 of my Azur Lane mod.
Azur Lane: the darkest hour is an Hearts of Iron IV 1.6.0 mod wich allow you to take part as a major nation in the biggest sea conflict ever seen.
Choose your side, will you fight for freedom as an Azur Lane country, or try to conquer the world with the Crimson Axis, or again, just observe the battle while playing as the Sirens…The world order is crumbling.
Commander, you are the only one that can lead us to the final victory for bring back the world peace once again!
To battlestations!

(this mod is currently INDEV so it can be a little buggy)

Many contents such as: focus trees, admiral shipfu, unique events and others will be added soon (maybe… ”’:D )

### upgrades ###

>alpha 0.1.1: added others OST from the original game + minor errors fixed
>alpha 0.1.2: added some shipfu + some bugs solved
>alpha 0.1.3: added all of the shipfu (but more will be added) + change of 1936 scenario + A LOT of bugs finally solved

(Keep it up guys, the mod is 80% complete…next stop national focues)

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