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Hearts of Iron IV: Battle Royale
Download this Battle Royale mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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28 Mar 2020

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This mod adds Battle Royale to the Game.

Authors description: Battle Royale

Battle Royale v3.0.7

Welcome to Battle Royale! In this mod, countries will repeatedly declare war on and annex their weakest neighbors until only one remains! You can choose when to begin the chaos, to give yourself time to prepare.

Once the battle royale starts, all existing non-civil wars will immediately end with white peace, all puppets will be freed, all factions will be dismantled, all guarantees and military access will be removed, and every country will declare war on their militarily weakest neighbor, if any, or will navally invade a weak nearby country. Countries will now exclusively annex in peace conferences and will immediately gain cores on all owned states, while non-existant country cores (both releasable and annexed) will removed. AI countries will neither propose nor accept any diplomatic actions. Human players will be able to form factions among themselves, but they will be dismantled once nothing else remains. The last country standing wins.

Should be compatible with most mods. Bugs may arise from mods with events that repeatedly puppet, release, or white peace particular countries (Kaiserreich excluded).


No War Pop-ups Submod
Kaiserreich Compatibility Patch (Note, Kaiserreich is not yet compatible with 1.5.2)
Millennium Dawn Compatibility Patch
Modern Day 4 Compatibility Patch (Note, Modern Day 4 is not yet compatible with 1.5.2)

Changes in v3.0.7:
-Updated for 1.7

Changes in v3.0.6:
-Updated for 1.6

Changes in v3.0.5:
-Restored the default war declaration pop-ups
-Made AI a bit more aggresive
-Fixed vanilla events
-Created submod to hide war pop-ups
-Fixed mod compatibility issues with separate compatibility patch submods (see section above)

Changes in v3.0.4:
-Hid Millennium Dawn war declaration events once again (earlier update had broken)

Changes in v3.0.3:
-War declaration popups are now hidden

Changes in v3.0.2:
-Countries are allowed to like each other again
-Democracies don’t care about world tension anymore
-fixed bug causing island nations to declares tons of simultaneous wars
-Changed earliest start time back from “two weeks” to “tomorrow”
-AI no longer prematurely revokes guarantees or military access — will instead be cleanly removed once Battle Royale Starts

Changes in v3.0.1:
-Hotfix for countries not starting wars against nations with a shared enemy

Changes in v3.0:
-Updated for Cornflakes update
-Temporarily removed AI changes — need to see what works best with new Cornflakes AI
-Removed waiting period before surrendering
-Changed peace conference AI to take precedence over Player-Led Peace Conferences
-Changed peace conference AI to try to improve borders
-Simplified code for core removal in case of civil wars
-Made battle royale set up event run automatically if loading mod for first time in a saved game
-Gave players more choices in start times
-Allowed players to vote for start times in multiplayer
-Removed need to maintain long list of country tags by:
(a) Simplifying code for removing releasable countries to only trigger when a player attempts to release a country (during battle royale only, before is fine)
(b) Simplifying code for removing guarantees/military access — AI will now revoke such things themselves
-Improved order of war declarations to minimize chance of being declared on at the same time as declaring war
-Tried to improve choice of war targets
-Reduced need for naval invasions by declaring new wars if no longer bordering any enemies
-Overhauled event mechanics to try to improve performance

Changes in v2.0.2:
-Hotfix for bug causing game crashes at fixed date(s)

Changes in v2.0.1:
-Hotfix for reloads breaking battle royale event checking mechanics

Changes in v2.0:
-Overhauled the battle royale war/puppet/faction/ai checking events to only occur once a day
-Disabled Kaiserreich’s puppet releasing events
-Allowed players to spend almost all of their war score in peace conferences, reducing the need for passing
-Multiplayer games will now no longer pause for everyone unless 3 or more human players are participating in it as victors
-AI diplomacy bans no longer require country tags, so AI will never try to get military access or form a faction regardless of mods
-Fixed bug that allowed countries to join war against Soviet Union if they were in the Anti Soviet Pact
-Added corresponding human and AI ideas to formalize rules for Battle Royale, including factions and puppeting
-All puppets acquired after the start of Battle Royale (through events and focuses) are freed if they have an army, and annexed otherwise (redundancy for Kaiserreich)
-Improved peace conference AI (more emphasis on taking states neighboring already owned states and states that contain friendly troops)
-Allow human players to give and receive military access from each other, and to form factions (no national spirit required)
-Removed ideology requirement to faction joining
-Added many more country tags (now 1635 total) from several mods to initial checks for releasable cores, guarantees, and military access
-Added initial Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish localizations (help wanted!)
-(Hopefully) made the AI more aggressive and capable of naval invasions
-Changed war declaration rules:
-Declare new war if can’t reach current target(s),
-Avoid declaring new wars if already under attack by a powerful neighbor
-Declare all neighboring wars before any wars requiring naval invasions
-Required to be at peace before declaring any wars requiring naval invasions
-In war target selection, now break equal strength ties by proximity


Q: Is this compatible with mod X?
A: Hopefully! I am trying to make this compatible with as many mods as possible. Please test it and let me know!

Q: How does this work for island nations?
A: They declare war on weaker nearby countries as well, if they have at least one division and one ship (i.e. can do a naval invasion). There is extra weight given to targets without any divisions, since amphibious battles are challenging.

Q: What happens to puppets?
A: All existing puppets are freed. Countries are banned from puppeting in peace conferences. Any puppets acquired later (through events and focuses) are freed if they have an army, and annexed otherwise.

Q: Is this good in multiplayer?
A: Hopefully! I’ve tried to limit the amount of time players have to spend waiting in peace conferences. Now, multiplayer games will now no longer pause for everyone unless 3 or more human players are participating in it as victors. Also, I’ve allowed players to spend almost all of their war score in peace conferences, reducing the need for passing.

Q: Can you delete the major focus trees,and delete national spirits?
A: Probably not in a way that ensures mod compatibility, sorry!

Q: Can you disable all the war popups?
A: I don’t think so; I think those might be hard coded into the game.

Q: Does it auto declare war on your puppets that you got after battle royale started? Or even faction members you added after the battle royale started?
A: The war declaration event does not check for puppets (though puppeting is now disabled, and other events check for them already). It does check for faction members though.

Q: How the mod define the weakest nation? Is it based on industry?
A: No, it checks the relation of army strengths with a country with the strength_ratio condition (also used in determining which mobilization laws are allowed in the base game)

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