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Hearts of Iron IV: Canadian Redux
Download this Canadian Redux mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

16 Jun 2019

File size:

6.683 MB

Requires DLC:

Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory, Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns, Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

Direct Download:

This mod adds Canadian Redux to the Game.

Version 0.6b – 10 AUG 2019

NEW IN 0.6b• Added: Support for Version 1.7.1

MOD PLACED ON HOLDI’m pleased to see so many people using my mod. I originally created it for myself and figured that I would share it with other players who felt that the Dominion of Canada was lacking the same attention to detail awarded to countries like GER, ENG, USA, etc. The size of the mod has increased beyond what I originally intended, but it’s been fun to work on. That said, I am switching my attention and modding efforts over to Imperator: Rome, which is forcing me to put this mod on hold for the time being. I will try my best to fix any bugs that may occur as future game patches are released, but do not expect any further content additions.

REQUIREMENTSTogether for Victory DLC
Waking the Tiger DLC
Man the Guns DLC

OUR OWN MONARCHA small branch of seven focuses have been added to the Canadian national focus tree. This branch allows the player to adopt a Canadian monarch and make several decisions associated with such a change. It is not a huge departure from the TFV version of Canada, but it allows the player to choose something different from the typical democracy/fascist/communist routes.

PORTRAITS AND EVENT ARTNumerous original portraits have been added to the Canadian roster. Most of these are based on historical Canadian figures, including Harry Crerar, Andrew McNaughton, Guy Simonds and many more. A small number of fictional portraits have also been included including a portrait for Victoria II.

AND MORE…• Renaming and expanding of Canadian division lists
• Altering of natural resources and state density
• Nerfing negative national spirits (i.e. Great Depression)
• Expanding the 1936 Canadian order of battle
• New Canadian army and army group icons
• Refreshed designer and tech art assets (some original and some gifted to me by Lamp)

NOTES• Though I haven’t tested it (and you may prove me wrong), I would assume that this mod is incompatible with a number of mods that alter common game files and certainly Canadian history files. If you intend to run this mod, understand that you’re just playing Canada for this campaign and temporarily disable other content mods. Cosmetic and QOL mods should be fine.
• Choose a 1936 start. This mod is geared towards a 1936 start and doesn’t really change much if you begin in 1939. There’s nothing stopping you from beginning in 1939, but you’ll miss out on a number of the changes I’ve made.
• This is a growing mod. It is intentionally small-scale and is meant to change things up a bit for players who like to play as Canada. More changes will come down the road and I am open to suggestions from the HOI4 community. It is also difficult for one guy to bug test this thing under multiple scenarios, so if you find a bug, let me know.

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