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Hearts of Iron IV: Cheap Equipment
Download this Cheap Equipment mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

9 Jul 2018

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This mod adds Cheap Equipment to the Game.

OverviewWant guns? Don’t care about their quality? Good! Here’s a cr@p-load of ’em!

SpecificsSpecifically, this mod makes all equipment produced by military factories (not including dockyards and ships, with the exception of convoys) cost 0.1, the minimum, ic production points.

Does not acutally lower the quality of equipment.

Support (Deprecated) If you enjoy using my mods and would like to support their continued development and improvement, feel free to donate @

If you would like access to all of my mod source files, including mods still in development, check me out on Patreon @

TutorialsI started making a YouTube Playlist to teach people how to make Hearts of Iron IV mods! It’s pretty crappy and underdeveloped right now, as I am splitting my time between life, modding, and making videos, but I hope to get more videos out in the near future!

OtherMillennium Dawn Version
MD No Resources Version

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