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Hearts of Iron IV: Coring Decisions – No AI
Download this Coring Decisions - No AI mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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4 Jun 2021

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This mod adds Coring Decisions – No AI to the Game.

Authors description: Coring Decisions – No AI

This is a small mod that adds some decisions that allow you to core conquered states. The AI does not use these. For a version where the AI uses the decisions as well go here: Coring Decisions

Integrate Neighbouring State:
Cores a state that borders an existing core.
Peace: 10 PP, 10 days with +5% Consumer Goods
War: 20PP, 20 days with +10% Consumer Goods

Integrate Remote State:
Cores a state that does not border an existing core.
Peace: 15 PP, 15 days with +7% Consumer Goods
War: 30PP, 30 days with +15% Consumer Goods

Start an Integration Campaign:
Activates the Ongoing Integration Campaign.
Only available when not at war and when there is an eligible state.

End the Integration Campaign:
Deactivates the Ongoing Integration Campaign.

Ongoing Integration Campaign:
A Mission that ends after 10 days, coring one state that borders an existing core and restarts itself. Reduces PP income by 1 and gives +5% Consumer Goods while active.
Gets canceled when you start a war, have no PP or when there are no more states to core. Can also be canceled whith a decision.

Note: The state in the tooltip is not always the one that gets cored.

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