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Hearts of Iron IV: Decisions: Speeches Audio
Download this Decisions: Speeches Audio mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Decisions: Speeches Audio to the Game.

Authors description: Decisions: Speeches Audio

“Rhetoric makes use of nature’s secrets in the same way as painters who try to imitate it: their most beautiful work is false.”
– Giacomo Casanova, ‘The Story of My Life – A Selection’

Info Bookmark: 1936

This mod brings you 93 new decisions within two new categories:

Public Speaking: allows you to make speeches.
Foreign Leader Announcements: allows you to listen to speeches by other world leaders.

All decisions are based on historical speeches and public announcements.

Execution of a decision will TRIGGER AUDIO THAT PLAYS IN-GAME.

Complete list of countries & speeches/decisions available HERE.

Compatibility – Compatible with all mods but certain decisions might not be available. Information HERE.
– NOT Ironman and it never will be, as long as decisions changes checksum.
– Save-game and multiplayer.

Disclaimer – These recordings include no anti-semitic material.
– If you want to include this into a mod of your own go right ahead – just put a link in your description and tell me the good news!
– Change-log available HERE.

Languages – English
– Russian (благодарю, Totenkopf!)
– No other languages will be added or expanded upon here. However, I welcome anyone to use the files if they want to make a separate localisation-mod and I’ll put a link in right here!

Summary – “Public Speaking”-category (83 decisions – speeches that you make)
– “Foreign Leader Announcements”-category (10 decisions – speeches that you listen to)

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