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Hearts of Iron IV: Easybuff
Download this Easybuff mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

6 Nov 2020

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This mod adds Easybuff to the Game.

Authors description: Easybuff

+Easy Buff [1.10.*]
Update 201106 minor fix filename to 01_decisioneb_categories.txt

# Features:
* For Single Players (Useable in Muti when others also use this mod).
* No steam archievements.

## Modifier Buffs
* Open Buffs in National Ideas.
* Support different level Modifiers in Construction, Research Speed, Politics, Production, Land, Navy and Air.

## Cheat Events
* Open Cheat Menu in: 1. Country Ideas. 2. Event

Type of event as follows:
### 1. Buildings
1. Get Buildings immediately: Infrasturcture, Anti-Air, Radar, Air Base.
2. Get Forgein Factories which is not on map and does not base on domain at all. (Industrial Complexes or Army Factories.)
3. Open more Building Slots
### 2. Resources
* Add Resources in Controlled states.

### 3. Technologies
1. Get Bicycle Technology or remove it.
2. Get some late-game technologies immediately.

## 4. Equipments
1. Get Basic Equipments Immediately. !!! All Equipment needs the technology had been researched. !!! Or the event does not give you Eq.
2. Infantry, Support, Artillery, Motorized, Mechanized, Motorized Rocket, Modern Tank Artillery.
3. Bomber, Jet Bomber, Transport, Jet Fighter, CV CAS 3

### 5. Points and Experiments
1. Army, Navy, Air Experience.
2. Political Power.
3. Man Power.
4. Command Power.
5. Stability.
6. War Support.
7. Increase or Decrease Threat.

### 6. Faction and Parties
1. Exit Faction
2. Join Faction
3. Force Enemy Exit Faction
4. Disband Faction
5. Re-Group Party thx @Ƭʀoɉaɳ

### 7. Cores and Domains
1. Force All to Discard Cores: Force every country discard their core and claim on your core states.
2. Make Controlled to Cores: Make all controlled and claimed states as your core states.
3. Lose Cores: Discard your cores which is under control of other countries.
4. Get Control of Core States
5. Get Control of Neighbor States
6. Puppet Country
7. Set Capital
8. White Peace

### 8. Static Modifiers
1. Some single modifiers.

### 9. Leaders
1. Just a trial at present.
2. Add traits to leaders immediately.

A patch mod for Kaiserreich compatibility (thx @MrBlazzar™)

## —–Below For Chinese—–

## 精力有限,汉化包暂时移除。

* 这是一个用于作弊的 mod ,类似 HOI3 (钢铁雄心3) 的水桶决议。
1. 在国家界面能看到 Easybuff 的按钮,点击各类buf开启或关闭。
2. 在 Air buff 处或在决议界面可以看到 Open Easy buff 选项,可以打开作弊菜单。

# 作弊菜单功能:
1. 各类建筑物
2. 添加资源
3. 获得科技,有自行车科技
4. 获得装备
5. 获得各种点数、经验值
6. 阵营和党派相关
7. 核心和领土相关
8. 其他的 buf
9. 强化领袖

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