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Hearts of Iron IV: EaW – Aryanne Hoofler
Download this EaW - Aryanne Hoofler mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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3 Sep 2019

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1.593 MB

Requires Mods:

Equestria at War, Coloured Buttons for Equestria at War

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This mod adds EaW – Aryanne Hoofler to the Game.

Authors description: EaW – Aryanne Hoofler

The EaW – Aryanne Hoofler submod for Equestria at War is a simple yet effective integration of the My Little Pony original character Aryanne. In this submod, Aryanne Hoofler has been placed as leader of the New Mareland Fascist party, which has the following effects:

– The Fascist Party of New Mareland has been renamed to the NSGWP, an acronym for National Socialist Germane Worker’s Party
– The name New Mareland will be changed to the Germane Reich if the NSGWP gains power
– The events and national focus’ involving the NSGWP or Aryanne will refer to them by the correct names, unless I have missed a file somewhere, which is very possible (If informed, I will correct this)
– Aryanne Hoofler will start the game both as the leader of the NSGWP and as a Field Marshal
– New Quotes by the NSGWP leader herself
– All political leader of New Mareland/Germane Reich now have character descriptions
– New National ideas for both the NSGWP and The Freedom Party
– The Independant Harmonist path is now blocked by a time-table of December 24, 1007. This is mainly to balance out the AI’s path selection

Recent Updates: This latest update is entirely credited to one of the subscribers of this mod, Kristen Reid. Thank you Kristen for all your suggestions on improving this mod, I give you 100% credit for this entire update. Myself, the other subscribers, and Aryanne thank you.
– The Fascist National Focus Tree finale has been split into three branches, two of which are mutually exclusive
– The Lebmanesraum focus has been expanded upon, with new war goals against either Wingbardy and its allies, or Aquileia and its vassals
– This Update is mainly meant for players over AI, but that being said, there are requirements on most War Goal focus’ to prevent the AI from blitzing them too early and getting killed
– Some other stuff I’m most likely forgetting… Go play it and find out for me

In the name of lore-immersion, the NSGWP does not start the campaign as the ruling party. Instead, a clear path of both scripted events and the National Focus will provide the opportunity to both the player and the AI to place Aryanne Hoofler in power. This mod was created with the intention of being seamless from the original EaW, making it seem as though no mod were ever in use. I hope I have accomplished this. (Again, if informed of any immersion-breaking element, I will correct this as soon as possible if possible.)

If I’m not mistaken, that should be it. Enjoy commanding the forces of the Germane Reich to victory over any who would dare threaten your position as the defender of all fascism.

Created for the original mod Equestria at War – (Sorry and rest in peace to the previous leader of the New Mareland Fascist Party, Duke What’s-his-face)

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