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Hearts of Iron IV: Emoji Leaders
Download this Emoji Leaders mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

9 Mar 2019

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This mod adds Emoji Leaders to the Game.

Authors description: Emoji Leaders

Aye, this is the Emoji Leaders mod! While playing HOI4, I realized the leader portraits weren’t
family friendly enough for YouTube so I changed some of the leader portraits to more
family friendly portraits!
Ironman Compatible Version:
^ This version says it’s no up-to-date but it should work just fine since it only changes the GFX.

This mod features:
– New and improved leader portraits
– Neville Chamberlain (ENG)
– Stanley Baldwin (ENG)
– Édouard Daladier (FRA)
– Adolf Hitler (GER)
– Benito Mussolini (ITA)
– Hirohito (JAP)
– Joseph Stalin (SOV)
– Franklin Delano Roosevelt (USA)
– Arturo Alessandri (CHL)
– Mao Zedong (PRC)
– Thorvald Stauning (DEN)
– Éamon de Valera (IRE)
– Mackenzie King (CAN)
– Ignacy Moscicki (POL)
– Winston Churchill (ENG)
– Custom leader trait “emojify”
– Increased political power gain
– Lower mobilization law costs
– Weekly stability increase by 0.1%
– Edited loading screens (only a few though)
– One extra national focus: “Allegiance to Emoji”
– Canada
– France
– Germany
– Italy
– Japan
– Soviet Union
– United Kingdom
– United States of America

Leave suggestions of other emoji leaders and/or features to add to this mod if you want, I’ll
probably be adding more to this in the future!

Social Media:
Twitter: @SpookyIsRed

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