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Hearts of Iron IV: Expanded Start Dates
Download this Expanded Start Dates mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

23 Mar 2020

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2.224 MB

Requires DLC:

Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory

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This mod adds Expanded Start Dates to the Game.

Have you ever felt that there weren’t enough start dates? That the game becomes too easy with all the buildup, or you simply just wanted to get thrown into the war? If so, this is a perfect mod to satisfy all your needs!

Expanded Start Dates is a mod that adds more start dates without a ton of new features. Currently there is only one added start date/Scenario, which is 1941. Due to this mod only being made by one person, and over the span of several months, you should not expect another start date being added in the coming weeks/months.

Since this mod only adds more start dates (nothing else) it should therefore be compatible with most mods.

Current start dates:
1 January 1936:The Gathering Storm
14 August 1939: Blitzkrieg
22 June, 1941: Operation Barbarossa

To be added:
February 1943: The Tide Has Turned
June 1944: D-Day
January 1945: Downfall

Q: You should add this or that startdate!
A: All of the currenty planned start dates are listed in the description above. I will also not add any start date below 1933 as that would mean changing too much and the countries would all have a ton of divisions at the start of 1939. I will of course listen to your suggestions!

Q: The borders are all wrong, why don’t you fix them?
A: I am aware of that and currently working on it.

Change Notes: September 3rd, 2019
– Reworked the German OOB, making it 95% historical
– Reworked the Soviet Union OOB, making it 75% historical (not enough information and because of balance issues)
– Balanced the Romanian and Hungarian OOBs
– Added a historical OOB for the Kriegsmarine (MTG only at the moment)
– Added naval tech for 1941 (MTG only at the moment)
– Fixed some states
– Reworked the divisions for all major and some minor nations, reducing it from 40 witdh to 27 witdh, making it much more historical
– Historical Division Templates for Germany and the U.S.S.R
– Added an event for Finland to sue for peace with the U.S.S.R in the Continuation War
– Increased The Tide Has Turned idea for the U.S.S.R, giving it a 10% attack & defense bonus against Germany instead of 5%
– Modified “Operation Barbarossa” idea for Germany, making it 20% more effective but reducing it to run for 140 days from 180 days
– Balanced decision costs for the U.S.S.R
– Balanced stockpiled equipment for Germany and the U.S.S.R

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