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Hearts of Iron IV: FocusExpansion
Download this FocusExpansion mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

22 Dec 2018

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This mod adds FocusExpansion to the Game.

Version 1.5

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Main Goals

The main goal of this mod is to eventually replace every focus tree in the game and add a bunch of new features

We are a small team of 2 devs and 1 play-tester and our current goal is to focus on adding new focus trees for each small country and replace the default generic focus tree

Please keep in mind that we are a small Dev-team made up of 2 people (including me “Mimon” and “Clashiclans”) and that we both are quite new to modding in HOI4

If you find bugs or if something bothers you please contact us in any way and we will try our best to fix it

Our goal is to develop a mod which both the community and us the devs appreciate and enjoy

Please keep this in mind when downloading this mod – Sometimes existing fixes can only be deployed later on the day as we also have a life (School / Social Life / etc) so pls dont be mad at us for having one

If you are a modder experienced in HOI4 modding and are interested to join us on our journey of developing this mod and are ready to bring new, fresh ideas into play, please go ahead and feel free to contact us to join our very very small dev team

Current Features Greece focus tree
Sweden focus tree
Brand new 11 new songs
Assassination features (only for portugal to test later for all countries in the game)
Bhutan Focus-Tree (Political focus end by 1938 – 1939 added more later)
Portugal Focus-Tree )
Turkey Focus-Tree
Bulgaria Focus Tree Updates: NEW Greece FOCUS TREE Several UPDATES!!!! regarding the turkey and other mods[/c]-Current Mod State-+Swedish focus tree+Bulgaria focus tree+Includes a focus tree for Portugal+Includes a focus tree for Bhutan+Includes a huge focus tree for Turkey Future-Development+ Add a new Secret Police system into the game *See more down below*+ Add a new Focus Tree for both Spains+ Add a new Focus Tree for both the GFR and the GDR+ Add a new Focus Tree for Nepal The Secret Police systemThe idea of this new system which is going to be implemented sooner or later, finding its origins in the Portugal focus tree, is to add a new system into the game based on decision making. Through this new system the player should be able to (similar to the Spy mod for HOI4) establish a secret police in his / her country and be able to: sabotage, assassinate leaders, raid military arms convoys, hijack politicians, hold politicians as hostages and ask for supplies, etc Adding something into the game requires a huge amount of time so expect updates rolling in sometime around the next few weeks Community If you have any ideas, bug reports, etc please contact us on steam or through the comment sectionWe do plan to add a link to our reddit here in the futureDont forget to leave a like 😀 About us We, the two devs Mimon and Clashi Clans, are both still students and we love HOI4 and strategy games in particular. Now both of us having several hundreds of hours in-game felt the urge to create something new. I felt that although being a great, one of the best mods out there, mod, the Road to 56 mod does not give you too much choice in regards to political actions; and having played it alot it kind of felt repetitive. So simply we decided to make our own mod not only wanting to satisfy our own wants and needs (a good HOI4 mod) but wanting to create something not many mods in HOI4 do, involve the community. SO saying it again: if you have any ideas / or wants / or what ever to add to the mod then please contact us and we will if pleasing to us the devs exange information and involve you in some sort. NOW ENJOY THE MOD… THIS IS A COMMAND! Our Discord Patreon We have no money please give us some 😀 –>

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