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Hearts of Iron IV: F├╝hrerreich: Legacy of The Great War
Download this F├╝hrerreich: Legacy of The Great War mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

19 Apr 2022

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This mod adds F├╝hrerreich: Legacy of The Great War to the Game.

Authors description: F├╝hrerreich: Legacy of The Great War

F├╝hrerreich: Legacy of The Great War

“What if Germany had lost The Great War?”The F├╝hrerreich Team are proud to present the one of the most popular alternate history mods for Hearts of Iron IV. Started in 2016 by a group of dedicated Kaiserreich fans, Fuhrrerich has since developed into one of the most popular double-blind alternate history mods for Hearts of Iron IV, with thousands of unique events, graphics, countries and even mechanics!

Features An immersive double-blind alternative history scenario. A completely new political system including party popularity and ministers. A reworked map with new states and provinces. Eleven different ideologies. Tens of thousands of new events that offer a wide range of different possibilities. Hundreds of decisions both generic and nation specific. Many unique Focus Trees Colored portraits for every country leader and military leader. Thousands of handmade GFX for ideas, focuses and more.
LoreF├╝hrerreich is a double-blind alternative history scenario from the perspective of the world of Kaiserreich in which the German Empire lost the First World War to the Entente. With the support of the United States lead by the “Bull Moose Party” candidate Theodore Roosevelt, the Western Powers of France, Britain and Italy were able to overcome the might of the Kaiser’s seemingly unstoppable armies. In the wake of their defeat the Central Powers were divided and weakened by their neighbors, losing their Great Power status in the process.

Despite the Entente’s victory little could be done to help what was left their Russian ally. Growing social unrest and the unjustifiable cost of war against Germany had lead Russia into a full scale Civil War in which the Leftist Bolsheviks lead by Vladimir Lenin would ultimately win, turning Russia into the world’s first Socialist state, The USSR.

While the 1920’s was a peaceful and prosperous decade for most of the world, the 1930’s have begun to sow the seeds of another global conflict. The victorious Entente of Britain and France has collapsed as the United Kingdom follows in the foot steps of The United States and adopts an isolationist foreign policy. The Socialists in the USSR continue to modernize and industrialize their nation, threatening the stability of Eastern Europe, and most troubling of all the Far-Right nationalist ideology “Valkism” has taken power in the defeated nation of Germany. As the world enters 1936 German “Fuhrer” Adam Dressler calls for radical change in Europe as he seeks to confirm Germany’s place as one of Europe’s Great Powers by any means necessary.

As conflict brews and war lays just beyond the horizon. Only a single question remains: Who will be victorious?

The HOI4 – Fuhrerreich team:Darknight1342, Jespertjee, Trimeon, Drowse, Spocklan116, Steffplays123, Su1phur, Arser, Kalmoire, Kaisermoan, LuxLoser, Milekhippy, Terran117, Teutonician Germanicus Danziger, Omanisch, Kano901, Raptor Jesus

Special ThanksCredit to Chairman Meow, the Kaiserreich team, the New Order team, and the Spartakus team for allowing us to use their resources.

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