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Hearts of Iron IV: Gangir Duel Mod
Download this Gangir Duel Mod mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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10 Jun 2019

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49.633 MB

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This mod adds Gangir Duel Mod to the Game.

Gangir Duel mod is a mod for ground competitive multiplayer games for Hearts of Iron 4.
This mod is ideal for tournaments or for those who just want to measure skill with a friend.

In mod, there are two sides of the conflict, Blue Player and Red Player, which are absolutely similar in everything. Both countries have three fronts – Top, Mid, and Bot. This allows players to implement a variety of strategies. The landscape involves several lines of defense with vulnerable places. The war begins on January 15, 1937. This time is enough, because countries have the Blitz Duel Bonus modifier, which accelerates development. Let skill and luck decide who will be the winner!

RussianEnglishEspanol (Margarita Tkachenko)Deutsch (Otto von Gotternberg)
Features of the mod:
Completely similar to each other country.Province provinces, landscape and rivers are mirrored vertically and horizontally in relation to another player.The same number of plants, resources and their location.Safe zone for industry. You can not capture them, just bombed by bombers. Construction there is slower by 20%.Support for war and stability in countries is the same, both before the war and after it began.Parties to the conflict do not have divisions at the beginning, but only their templates. The development of the army comes from scratch.Modifier Blitz Duel Bonus allows you to reduce the amount of time required for the development of players.Countries are in the same climate zone.A merchant with a limited amount of resources does not allow players to concentrate only on one thing in production. Due to this, the losing side has more chances to comeback.The maximum level of fortifications is 5, it does not allow to go into a dull defense that can not be penetrated for a long time. The mod is designed primarily for a quick game. (2-3 years)Thanks to specularity, there is no need for subsequent rounds, unlike non-specular cards.The mod will work stably even on a weak computer.

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Hearts of Castaways (2v2, 1v1v1v1) –

Gangir Duel mod – Max
Gangir Duel Mod [Max] + EXRE

Nikolay Bondarenko
Thanks to the HOI4 Mods Union
Thanks to the Norfox group of artists for the design.

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