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Hearts of Iron IV: Hearts of Meme music
Download this Hearts of Meme music mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

22 Nov 2017

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This mod adds Hearts of Meme music to the Game.

Welcome to watchmojo.{com and today we’ll be counting down 20 songs (jk’s) that are either memes in themselves or are songs that involve memes.

Make sure to SMASH that like button as I want more people to find this mod and contract some sort of disease after listening to this.

Hello current HOI 4 player and fellow mod enthusiast, and welcome to the Hearts of Meme music mod. Now I know you might think this is a stupid mod, but if you think about it you’re using a dumb mod on a dumb game that has dumb Ai, and is made by a company with dumb dlc policy so I don’t know why you are complaining. If you liked this mod that’s nice I’m glad, but how about you download some real mods like Kaiserreich or Road to 56’ you know the mods that have basically saved this game from total collapse, and what amount to nearly all my playtime.

In this thing you will find the following 20 songs (More to come if this thing gets a decent number of downloads). All songs that are not made by bands or “professional musicians” are linked and they are on YouTube unless linked to somewhere else. And a secret song

1. Parappa Goes Hard AF by Have Leg (Also the intro song)

2. Propane Shot by Asleep Droid

3. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Shoot Your Stars by Grandayy

4. Dimmadubstep by Doug Dimmadome owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome by YougurtwithSprinkles

5. Eminem – “Mom’s Spaghetti” by Jay Green’s Stuff
6. Ocean Man by Ween

7. REMOVE KEBAB (perfect loop for 5 minutes) by some Serbian guys from the Yugoslavian war I think.

8. Floral Shoppe by Macintosh plus (you know the one that has the Japanese letters that stands for I guess Floral Shoppe Idk I just googled it and that was what Wikipedia said)

9. Déjà vu by Initial D (*Laughs silently*)

10. Big Shaq – The Ting Goes Skrra (Remix by Party In Backyard)

11. Bigger Better Stronger by Party In Backyard ^

12. Woah-ing in the 90’s by Acrylo

13. Slamfield by DJ Slammeister. (Find his EP here 

14. Ievan Polkka by Loituma (I chose this version because I like it more.)

15. Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) by The Living Tombstone (Halloween Time)

16. Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem by Apartje (RIP)

17. Trance by 009 Sound System Dreamscape (If you watched youtube before commentaries you will know this too well.)

18. RASPUTIN – Vladimir Putin – Love The Way You Move (Funk Overload) (I decided on this one for the pace of the song) by Slightly Left of Centre

19. Soviet National Anthem by some guys in group singing with an orchestra in the great country of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Don’t tell me you don’t tear up to this one)

20. You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood (Full Version) by Chill Station (Original by Shokk 青) <--- Chill Station  Shokk 青 21. Wallspin by Neil Cicierega 22. Who by Neil Cicierega 23. Aaron by Neil Cicierega 24. Bustin by Neil Cicierega 25. Wow Wow by Neil Cicierega (Check out Neil’s album Mouth moods here  ) and his youtube channels His main youtube channel His music channel Best listened too with shuffle on, and not used with other music mods as that might break the mod. Compatible with Road to 56', Kaiserreich, Blackice, and any other major mod that doesn't change the music too much. Check out my 1950's music mod here -->
My Electro Swing music mod here –>
And my Synthwave music mod here –>

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