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Hearts of Iron IV: Global Equipment Market – Purchase / Buy – Sell – Enjoy!
Download this Global Equipment Market - Purchase / Buy - Sell - Enjoy! mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Global Equipment Market – Purchase / Buy – Sell – Enjoy! to the Game.

>>>Global Equipment Market – Purchase / Buy – Sell – Enjoy!<<< A stand-alone mod that allows for under developed nations to stockpile weapons from outside sources! Development Team: We are a new development team on the hoi4 scene "Sabretooth Development", come join our discord and jam! ( ) Features: Vanilla Icons for the Decisions which are using Variants. Multiple Equipment Options. An Economic selling ability to gain political power. An Economic buying ability to lose political power. Disclaimer: You lose 0.02 Stability and War Support for selling (Anti-Abuse System), This may be changed in the future. Compatibility: This mod is compatible with (most(Not All & I will not give support to mods that are not compatible with mine!) other mods and is updated to the latest hoi4 version! To-Do: Create a new feature allowing for nations in a multiplayer lobby to sell and buy stock-piled items. Please Rate and Favorite the mod, Thank you and Enjoy!

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