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Hearts of Iron IV: Greater German Confederation
Download this Greater German Confederation mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

5 Apr 2019

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Requires DLC:

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

This mod adds Greater German Confederation to the Game.

This mod expands upon the civil war option introduced in Waking the Tiger. It fleshes out an alternative democratic path.

After the beginning of the German civil war, opinions in the highest army leadership split. Perhaps it was wrong to accept the help of the Soviet Union. The rise of the communists began with the fall of the fascists. France is divided and could become the scene of a third civil war, while the fires of Spain and Germany slowly run out. A risky proposal was accepted by the consensus of the army leadership. France could be weakened by provoking civil war. After the stone was rolled, there was no return. The following civil war should change France and the continent forever. The new German empire may have brought itself into a new encirclement through its own fault. With the Paris Commune and Spain in the West, the fascists in the South and the Soviet supremacy in the East, Germany is alone. It might be time to think about a new system of alliances. A new sytem to unite the remaining bastions of freedom under one common cause.

What you can expect:
-Lots of new focusses
-New events
-New ideas
-New decisions
-Fun for a nice afternoon

-I can’t start the new focus tree.
>>> Once you oppose Hitler there will be an event that triggers 2 weeks after the German civil war starts. This event
will ask you wheter you want soviet help. If you accept this you will unlock the path introduced by this mod.
-I united the Confederation and my troops suck
>>> Your troops will be weak at the start, once you pursue the military tree you will regain your strength.
-Plz Update
>>> If it was a minor update or just a hotfix the game will likely still work with this mod. Just try it 😉

Supported languages:

Im always keen on hearing different ideas from you guys. If they are easy to implement and make sense to me I might add them to the mod.

Don’t be afraid to report any game breaking bugs or spelling mistakes you find. In case you find a bug please note down the state of the game and at which focus/event you encountered that bug. I can’t repair something I can’t find 😉

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