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Hearts of Iron IV: Greece Improved II
Download this Greece Improved II mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

22 Mar 2020

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This mod adds Greece Improved II to the Game.

Don’t Forget the Thumbs Up!
Unless you didn’t like it. If so, tell me why! Tell me what I can do to fix your gaming experience. I try to fix things as soon as I see the issue.
Version 2.11.6 is out now! -Compatible with 1.7 Hydra update
Version 2.11 is out now!
I wouldn’t call this a feature update at all, because it’s more of a cosmetic and rebalance once. I added special autonomy states for Greek/Byzantine subjects, created cosmetic tag for 38 countries in the case they are a Greek/Byzantine subject, rebalanced some decisions, and created a new flag for Byzantium (which I feel is an improvement over the vanilla paradox one.)
The new autonomous states are
Byzantine Autonomous States
Greek Autonomous States (not for Republic, EMC, or Communists)
Greek Autonomous States (For Republic, EMC, and Communists)
Syndedeméno-Krátos (Functions like a supervised state)

Version 2.1 is out now!
Steam wouldn’t let me update the mod again, so its up here now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

National Schism
It is now ruled by events. You’ll be able to guide yourself towards which path you wanna go on. National Schism Improved!

Revised and Expanded Industrial Focus
The industrial focus is no longer just the generic focuses. Instead, it has a mechanic behind it, the Industrial Focus Mechanic. You can either focus on Military industry, a Balanced industry, or Civilian Industry. Focusing on Military or Civilian industry will give you a powerful construction speed modifier (+40%) for their respective factory, and a hefty penalty (-20%) for the other factory. The penalty can be removed when you complete the first branches of the industrial focus, and get to “Improve Focus” which removes the penalty.

Balanced focus will eventually give you a great modifier for infrastructure building speed

Two decision categories come with the two specialized industrial focuses: Weaponized production will cost political power, and upon removal will give you equipment (plus the research for the equipment if you haven’t researched it already.)
Resource Expedition will give you the ability to expand the resource production of Greece.

Foreign arms purchase will give you the ability to buy arms from 5 of the major powers (Soviets, France, Britain, Germany and the United States.)

National Development will give you the ability to upgrade the state categories.

The army focus tree was also overhauled a little bit. One decision category added here was the “Expand Command Corps” decision, which gives you the ability to recruit fairly cheap corps commanders (who actually existed at this time in Greek history.)

The biggest decision category addition, however, is the addition of a “Refugee Crisis” mechanic. In this, you can opt to take refugees from countries that are either at war, or have a fascist government. However, if you take too many refugees in too fast, you will get a fascist civil war.

Also, more states have been added to the “Rename States” category, along with coring, and, if you (re)conquer Constantinople, your capital will be moved there.

Welcome to Greece Improved II
This mod is a continuation of my old mod, Greece Improved, itself a continuation of an older mod.
However, this new version is so vastly different from the other two, that it’s properly a new separate mod.

From the outset of this mod, one of the biggest changes is that Konstantinos Demertzis leads Greece, instead of Metaxas. Historically, Demertzis lead Greece until he died of a heart attack on April 16 1936. In this mod, Demertzis will die on April 16, and it is up to you, the player to appoint a successor. The three options are
Konstantinos Tsaldaris A conservative anti-venizelist. His path takes you down the road of a constitutional monarchy, wherein you can either form a coalition with the left, or a grand coalition with the Venizelists. This is an interventionist path in terms of foreign policy.
Sofoklis Venizelos Son of Eleftherios Venizelos, Sofoklis shared his fathers general ambivalence towards the monarchy, wishing only what’s best for Greece, and what will be the most unifying path. His path is not too different from Tsaldaris, with the exception that instead of either forming a grand coalition, or a coalition with the left, your two options here are either to form a coalition with the Metaxists, or form a grand coalition. The Metaxist and Leftist coalitions both have great benefits, with a few drawbacks.
Forming a coalition government under a constitutional monarchy will unlock the max number of advisors possible (out of 29, you could potentially unlock up to 12 advisors.)
Ioannis Metaxas If you go with Metaxas (the historical route) you instantly unlock the Metaxas Regime focus, which gives you the ability to declare a totalitarian regime, and consolidate power. If you’re able to cure public apathy, you can align with Germany, and reclaim Asia Minor and Rhodes (the latter with German arbitration.) If not, you can chose Neutrality, which will remove the public apathy penalty, however, you will be locked into neutrality. If you choose not to declare a regime, however, you will open up three different paths.

The National Schism is a set of missions which will continuously add penalties until you either
A. Declare the Metaxas regime (which removes all of the penalties, adding the aforementioned Public Apathy penalty)
B. Let one of 3 penalties (Military Dissent, Republican Agitation, and Socialist Unrest) advance to their 5th level.

When one of the three modifiers reach their fifth level, you can go down the following paths

This one has two options, you can either force George II to abdicate to his brother Paul, a more ambitious monarch who will lead Greece to a campaign of conquest/reconquest, or continue the military junta, which gives you internal benefits, and either leads to George II becoming a benevolent absolutist, or Dimitrios Maximos (or Alexandros Papagos) becoming the leaders of a neutral Democratic Greece.

With this path, you can either align with the Soviet Union and take on the fascists, or declare them revisionists, and form a union of socialist Balkan states, through a series of revolutions and influencing, and challenge Stalin’s leadership of the communist sphere, eventually striking out against them.

If you go down this path, you will either reform the Hellenic Republic, and revive the Megali idea, or you will form the Eastern Mediterranean Union (partially based on the idea of Helleno-Turkism.) The difference between the two is that one is an expansionist democracy, and the other is a unionist democracy. They both eventually end with joining the allies and reclaiming land from Italy.

There are currently 11 new leaders added to Greece through this mod (most only available through events and player choices,) and 29 advisors (28 having unique portraits). However, for 23/29 of them, you must have the correct government, or conditions met to access them.

Other Languages – Chinese

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