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Hearts of Iron IV: Hearts of Azeroth (A Warcraft Total Overhaul)
Download this Hearts of Azeroth (A Warcraft Total Overhaul) mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Hearts of Azeroth (A Warcraft Total Overhaul) to the Game.

Authors description: Hearts of Azeroth (A Warcraft Total Overhaul)

Hearts of Azeroth is a total overhaul project to bring the Warcraft universe into Hears of Iron IV. Focusing on the stories of the original games fight as either a member of the Orcish Horde, Alliance of Lordaeron, or one of the Dragon Aspects for control of the Eastern Kingdoms and Draenor, or pick a distant tribe in the forgotten continent of Kalimdor and make your own path, the choice is yours. Completely new map of Azeroth, Including the Orc home world of Draenor featuring 1512 states and 13723 provinces. Completely new tech tree, units and buildings, 308 nations (releasable and playable) 155 unique races manageable on the state level, change them to your native race or accept them into your nation Westernization mechanic allowing for developed nations to stay ahead of tribes and unintelligent races Seven new ideologies around the major powers in the universe: Horde, Alliance, Fel, Death, The Old Gods, The Titans, and Nonaligned empires 5 Focus trees 4 unique and 1 generic 2 playable start dates “The First War” and “The Second War” Lots of events to represent the main historical events up until the Second War Custom resources to fight over Unique infantry models representing human knightsCurrent Focus Trees: Kingdom of Stormwind [First war only], Blackrock Clan, Bog Beasts, Kingdom of Khaz ModanWe’re hard at work on the next patch 0.4.2 “Dawn of the Aspects” bringing extended racial features, new areas in Dragonblight, and Tel’abim, Several new nations in Kalimdor, A dragon specific tech tree, Hundreds of events for the Dragonflights as well as nations involved in the First War , the return of the Steamwheedle focus tree and a mystery new focus tree. Looking forward to sharing all this content with you guys soon.Removed Focus Trees:The Shadow Council, Steamwheedle Cartel, and the Gurubashi tribe focus trees where temporarily removed and put back into development for being unfinished,and behind the scenes technical problems. They will come back soon bigger and better than ever.Recommended Settings: 1920×1080 NATO counters turned off UI scale of 1.0 All mods except Hearts of Azeroth, its Music Mod, and any submods disabledOur discord is the best place to organize games, give feedback, or help the team out in any way that you can. Azeroth and relevant worlds completed with all known locations and nations Improved Racial Mechanics Religion mechanics similar to those in Europa Universalis 4 and the race system Race and some national specific tech trees Thousands of planned events and decisions as well as many focus trees Unlocking of later start dates Reworked governments system Improved and greater variety of 3D modelsCurrent Development Team: Zoltarian, MrBlazzar, Aspen, Valianblue, Axey, Celsiuz, Nitro, TheLynx1, Doomraider, Huntsman, Telivan, Indyclone77, Jokitron312, Maloro, Nightishaman, Ornithorink, Zainstorm, ZaperoxSpecial thanks to the many advisers and past developers for every bit of development put into the mod as well as the fans reporting bugs and cheering us along the way.

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