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Hearts of Iron IV: Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Redux [Beta]
Download this Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Redux [Beta] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

18 Nov 2020

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This mod adds Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Redux [Beta] to the Game.

Authors description: Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Redux [Beta]

The mod was created to correct the flaws of The Great War Mod.
If you want to realize what you wanted to see in TGW – join Discord! (link below)

Compatible with version 1.10.2 Collie.

This is Beta-test. This means that many events are not translated, and there is also a risk of the game crashing. The main work is done by one person, so I will be glad if you help in finding and fixing bugs.
This is independent mod. You don’t need original TGW.
Features:-1910 Scenario (1914 – in progress).
-New focuses:
Russia, Britain Germany, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Qing/China, Netherlands, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Korea (In progress: France, Romania, Mexico, Indochina). Other National Focus from the original mod are partially modified for balance.
-Fleet in progress. (In test mode in MTG.)
-New Ideas, Events, Decisions, Missions.
-New unit models for WWI and Interwar Period.
-New Tech Trees, Units, Equipments.
-Map Improvements.

Languages:-English (translated by russians, heh)
-Russian In progress (ин прогресс значит нету еще. Нужен переводчик со знанием литературного русского.)

Suggestions and Reports:Use the Bug Reports thread to post about your issues. If you are going to take part in the development of focuses, events, etc. – write me and join Discord.


Community:These gentlemen are already taking part in the development. Thank you!
-Silent Enforcer
-Александр Пушкин
-Ahmet Samet
-Undead Jewnicorn
-Violett FFloyd
-DatuMan the Piano Man
-Captain Canuck
-Kaiserreich Team & Arvidus
And, of course, thanks to Wolferos Team!

Submods from Community:Addons for main mod:
The Great War Redux: Music Pack
Morgenstern Submod: Better Flags
Monty’s WWI Roleplay Mod
Molotoff’s Great War Multiplayer
Korean Localisation

Announcement:Small Patch 1.10.2 with some portraits and fixed trigger for Russian revolution

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