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Hearts of Iron IV: Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Redux [Beta]
Download this Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Redux [Beta] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Redux [Beta] to the Game.

Authors description: Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Redux [Beta]

The mod was created to correct the flaws of The Great War Mod.
If you want to realize what you wanted to see in TGW – join Discord! (link below)

Compatible with version 1.10.2 Collie.

This is Beta-test. This means that many events are not translated, and there is also a risk of the game crashing. The main work is done by one person, so I will be glad if you help in finding and fixing bugs.
This is independent mod. You don’t need original TGW.
Features:-1910 Scenario (1914 – in progress).
-New focuses:
Russia, Britain Germany, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Qing/China, Netherlands, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Korea (In progress: France, Romania, Mexico, Indochina). Other National Focus from the original mod are partially modified for balance.
-Fleet in progress. (In test mode in MTG.)
-New Ideas, Events, Decisions, Missions.
-New unit models for WWI and Interwar Period.
-New Tech Trees, Units, Equipments.
-Map Improvements.

Languages:-English (translated by russians, heh)
-Russian In progress (ин прогресс значит нету еще. Нужен переводчик со знанием литературного русского.)

Suggestions and Reports:Use the Bug Reports thread to post about your issues. If you are going to take part in the development of focuses, events, etc. – write me and join Discord.


Community:These gentlemen are already taking part in the development. Thank you!
-Silent Enforcer
-Александр Пушкин
-Ahmet Samet
-Undead Jewnicorn
-Violett FFloyd
-DatuMan the Piano Man
-Captain Canuck
-Kaiserreich Team & Arvidus
And, of course, thanks to Wolferos Team!

Submods from Community:Addons for main mod:
The Great War Redux: Music Pack
Morgenstern Submod: Better Flags
Monty’s WWI Roleplay Mod
Molotoff’s Great War Multiplayer
Korean Localisation

Announcement:Small Patch 1.10.2 with some portraits and fixed trigger for Russian revolution

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