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Hearts of Iron IV: Expert AI 4.0
Download this Expert AI 4.0 mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

7 Nov 2020

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This mod adds Expert AI 4.0 to the Game.

Authors description: Expert AI 4.0

Compatible with 1.10.*
Questions are generally ignored in these cases:-You don’t give me enough information. I will not ask 10 follow-up questions just to figure out what you are talking about and which setup your game is running. A detailed post in the appropriate thread is much more likely to be paid attention to.-It is a major issue like “X doesn’t win war” that I would easily see in my games. There’s probably something wrong with your game, such as a mod conflict. Post in the appropriate thread with ALL the relevant details if you still feel like the problem is in this mod.-The information is already available on this mod page (front page, patch notes, documentation) or in the in-game tooltips. I’m not going to hand hold you through things such as configuring countries or explain how the mod functions. This mod isn’t designed for convenience, it’s a tool for experienced players.-Misunderstandings of how the game mechanics work or what the purpose of this mod is. This mod has a very specific idea behind it (this certainly isn’t a “fix the vanilla” mod) and if it doesn’t suit you, find a different mod.-Bugs/issues not related to this mod or things that cannot be fixed.
This mod has extremely limited compatibility with other non-cosmetic mods due to the extensive rework of the AI.
Do you want to play vanilla HOI IV but can’t find the challenge you need because the AI plays the game at a beginner level? This mod is for you. Nearly everything about the AI that is possible to mod has been overhauled (with over fifty thousand lines of script added) to create a more efficient AI.

That includes division designs, division production, equipment production, variants, research, diplomacy, construction, naval invasions, ideas and more. In other words how well the AI manages its country overall. There is absolutely massive room for improvement in these areas in the vanilla game. What is NOT fixed is how the AI moves its divisions, fleets and such except for tweaks here and there. This area is largely unmoddable.

Other than just making the AI more efficient, this mod also adds completely new AI features such as:A scripted AI army focus system that allows any AI to choose from a wide range of different strategies and to logically prioritise research and variant design accordingly instead doing the same thing every game. There are over 400 template variations for the AI to design towards when creating divisions which gives it adaptability and adds replayability to the game.New military coordination decisions and diplomatic actions for the player that allows you to influence what your allies do: launch coordinated naval invasions, change production priorities, check their stockpiles, coordinate lend-lease.
There is also a flexible in-game configuration tool (CTRL-SHIFT-O) that allows you to customise the difficulty and the AI in various ways at any point in the game:Change certain AI behaviour or game balance.Customise any country’s build strategy (army, air, navy) from the specifics of template composition and width to land doctrine paths and fleet composition.Add various different types of difficulty settings from simple bonus modifiers to scaling modifiers and even free division and equipment spawning until you find the challenge you need.
Some gameplay aspects have been slightly rebalanced to provide more interesting games (see the mod documentation here).
This mod works best with historical focuses. The overall progression of the game has been made more historical and the AI is more efficient with national focuses.

Donations: mod has taken me well over a thousand hours to get to where it is today and new HOI4 patches require more time consuming work to keep it up to date. Donations are appreciated and motivate me to keep the updates coming.Other mods:-Expert AI: Expanded Technologies-Allied Construction Projects-Strategic View Adjustments-Border Avoidance Tool-Advanced Difficulty SettingsUseful links:-FAQ-Compatible Mods-Paradox Forum Thread[]-Patch Notes-Suggestions & Feedback-Bug Reports-Documentation
Read before using:See the FAQ and Documentation before asking basic questions.If you are an experienced player and want a challenge especially as a major, you should still give the AI bonuses. One purpose of this mod is to allow the AI to make proper use of difficulty bonuses.This mod is designed for the historical focuses option with a lot of AI logic added to improve the AI’s national focus/diplomatic behavior. Playing without it is perfectly possible but these areas will not be improved for the most part.This mod is not balanced around playing with minor nations. If going on a conquest spree with minors is impossible or at least much harder, then it is working as intended.1939 start is not and will not be supported in this mod.
Compatibility:Not achievement compatible.DLCs: missing DLCs may lead to unintended historical AI behavior. The AI (the naval part at least) works much better with MtG.Multiplayer compatible when every player has this mod enabled.This is a major overhaul that edits nearly every important file, therefore this is not compatible even with non-AI overhauls or mods that add or change technologies, advisors, new equipment etc. Compatible mods.
Credits:French translation by bibrax / Scribio ->
German translation by KaisersReichsAdler
Russian translation by santyrion

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