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Hearts of Iron IV: End of a New Beginning – Official Version
Download this End of a New Beginning - Official Version mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds End of a New Beginning – Official Version to the Game.

Authors description: End of a New Beginning – Official Version

Supported Game Version : 1.9.3 (DLCs aren’t necessary, but are advised) Discord Server [] Official Wiki Page (outdated) [] Paradox Forum Page [] Official Music Bundles : Music Bundle 1 Introduction Have you ever felt the HOI4 vanilla experience was too short? Did the shallow possibilities of conquering the world bore you? Perhaps you wanted a more indepth challenge, but the only challenge you’d ever get would be there when you play as Bhutan? Well, you’ve come to the right placeOur fortee is quite straightforward, our largest goals are to stretch the playable age from the days of the American Civil War of the Victorian Ages to the modern era. Of course we wouldn’t be the most ambitious project on the Workshop with only this; along with the changed gameplay system spanning 200 years, we plan to overhaul everything in the game we possibly can.Whether you enjoy the hearthy roleplaying of modern history or love meta-nationstacking, want a giant campaign from CKII or just want Vicky III early, we hope this giant project will cater to every need and interest.Unlike vanilla HOI4 that spans across the few years of WW2, EoaNB spans across three centuries of modern history. We are well aware no one in the right state of mind will play for that long (or we’ll manage to make it that long without any crashes), so our main wishes is to make a game where you write a saga of your nation. Through political strife, technological competition and international affairs, we hope to turn HOI4 into a book for you to write your own history in, whether it is of prosperity, or decline. Updates If you’ve been following our process for a while, you might have noticed that our updates are very scarce.However, despite how we might seem idle, we make daily updates to the mod. They are hosted on our GitHub page [] simply because too many devs work on it at the same time, and it’s become difficult to regulate what content is uplaoded to Steam and what isn’t.Steam updates will come in the form of “Proper Updates”, much like how PDX updates their games. They will contain a (hopefully) polished and completed version of everything we worked on, and won’t be released until we meet these standards. After these will come hotfixes time to time, but outside of these you won’t see any updates.If you want to keep track of our most recent content, make sure to head on to our GitHub version and manually install it. Please note that GitHub isn’t our beta version update, but just where all our devs dump their progress in to, so don’t expect them to all work nicely. Join our Discord Server as well, and get the latest feed on our updates right on the spot.Please make sure you’re using the EoaNB Team GitHub repo! Deus ex Machina This new update for the EoaNB mod bring to the table new mechanics and gameplay changes, aimed at making the world both more dynamic, and adding more depth to most of your political and military decisions.Due to the amount of changes made since 0.1 Terra Orbis, and since the development of this update took two years, we can’t provide a detailed patch log. However, the non-exclusive list of additions we have made during this time is available right here : Patch Log [] The Future of EoaNB If you already followed the development of EoaNB, you probably noticed that we took a long time before updating our mod with new content on Steam. However, this doesn’t mean that the mod will die out, on the contrary. We have already planned for our future updates : – Extended Timeline for all major nations (up to 1885) – Economic system – War mechanics – Culture and Religion mechanics – Diplomacy and Influence – And much more…While economics was supposed to be part of DeM, the amount of work it would need, and the complexity of the system meant that the time it would take to develop it would delay DeM by months. We wanted to get this update out for all of those who aren’t following the Discord server, and who doesn’t want to play on the Github version.But, being ambitious in our plans hasn’t stopped us in the past, and it surely won’t in the future. Expect to hear from us more often, both on Reddit and on the Paradox Forums. However, we still suggest that you join our Discord server to be updated more often, and to interact with the dev team. Compatibility EoaNB being a total conversion mod, expect most game changing mods to not be compatible with ours. We cannot promise compatibility with graphical mods either, and to be fair we even advise that you don’t use anything other than the mod to have the best experience possible. Us, the HOI4 community and you As this is a project that is so giant, ambitious and underprepared, we decided this project shouldn’t be a normal mod, but a community project at its soul. This means anyone, literally anyone is welcome to join the mod developing. We’re always welcome for more opinions, contributions or even offers to join our team on our Discord, so please give a visit even if you’re not interested in joining.Our development is done mostly on our Discord, and the latest test versions/pushes are done regularly on GitHub. When we think the conditions for a new version is fit, we’ll upload them on Steam. If you don’t feel like waiting, join our Discord and get to the GitHub to play it ASAP.We plan to indulge in the Wiki, a Youtube channel and Reddit; please stay tuned if we ever start them up. Thanks for keeping EoaNB as one of your interests, and please do so in the future; we promise to deliver much more than shown above.EoaNB is a 100% non-profit, absolutely free community project that depends on your support, and nothing more. However, by donating to our Patreon you can help us take the project on a much more professional tangent; buy reliable historical sources, get commissioned artwork, the likes of that. By no means would we need to receive donations to continue our hard work, or would you be penalised for not donating. If you wanted to support our project through other means however, all you need to do is visit our Patreon Page [] and receive cool perks for donating.Thanks for all your support up until now, it’s thanks to you guys we can even consider opening donations.

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