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Hearts of Iron IV: Hearts of Moe
Download this Hearts of Moe mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Hearts of Moe to the Game.

Welcome to Hearts of Moe™. The mod that aims to bring a high-quality weeb feel to Hearts of Iron IV. Now you can have your favorite wars, with your favourite waifus!

*Note: The mod is currently extremely W.I.P, and we aim to improve it greatly in the future
*Note 2: I don’t know why the description keeps getting cut out, don’t ask.
*Note 3: I don’t know why the start/loading screens are so bad either, it’s driving me insane

What this mod has so far:

-Portraits for all base game leaders, including generals, and admirals.
-Anime loading screens.
-Some music replacing the base-game sountrack (especially Allies theme)

What is planned in the future (In order of priority):

-Portraits for generics.
-Higher quality/improved portraits (This will come gradually)
-Custom pictures for events
-Custom focus icons
-Custom political advisers
-Ironman compatibility (Probably not going to happen)


Is this mod going to die in 2 weeks:
-Not planning on it at least, but you’d probably feel like it were dead, because there is only 1 person developing right now, and that 1 guy is probably going to be bogged down with either school, or family issues.

If there’s only 1 developer, who is this “SassySoviet” guy, and what is he about
-Finds certain portraits 10%~ (Don’t ask me why I keep changing the ratio), playtests sometimes, and mostly right now just runs the Discord server.

Isn’t there already tons of mods like this on the market:
-Correct, but we thought they were all either:
-Low quality.
-Doesn’t fit vanilla feel, or changes actual stats in game – thus, breaking immersion.
-Unfinished or dead.
-Were just uncropped pieces of art.

If you guys aim to have fitting portraits, why does *Country have *Picture which makes no sense:
-As we’ve explained, the mod right now is extremely W.I.P, and portraits will definitely change in the future. Furthermore, as countries become more obscure, portraits will be harder to find, and we’d just have to make do with what we have.

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