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Hearts of Iron IV: Project South Zagoria V0.040
Download this Project South Zagoria V0.040 mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

25 Oct 2019

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This mod adds Project South Zagoria V0.040 to the Game.

Project South Zagoria is a mod I primairily use to test new things in to later either use in another mod or to release on its own, while that is the purpose for me personally it is also a total conversion based uppon the Armaverse lore that takes place in the ‘Green sea’ region. This mod will not be updated frequently as it is not my focus to complete the creation of this mod, eventually it WILL definitly happen however it will be a long and slow process. The intension is that the final product will cover the Armaverse lore in the region roughly from 2009 till 2015.

Where does it stand:


The map is far from being a finished product, the map is a rough outlining of what it should look like but not even close to being finished, the western part of the map is basically a quick draw not containing a large amount of provinces and will need alot of work in the future, the water looks scuffed to say the least an there are some provinces that are slightly broken, this will however be improved uppon in the future.

As of currently there are 191 states containing 4095 Provinces, in comparison the vanilla game has 13217 provinces over 787 states.

National focusses, techs etc.

As of currently these are far from finished, most countries have a small focus tree however nowhere nearly close to what it can and should be so this one will still require alot of work.

The decisions tab has been masively improved since the beginning but still has a ways to go, however it is a start.

The tech tree is finally finished, there were alot of aspects that I put in the ‘blueprint’ of the tech part however I came to the conclusion that alot of it doesnt make scence to exist in the scenario, like ICBM’s on a map that is, in scale, the size of luxembourgh ( with somehow according to the lore 6x the population ) so I slimmed down alot of the techs that were intended on a global scale conflict, this all in all means that the techtree for this mod is now finished.

This modification is a mod that is based around creating a new ‘world’ to play in meaning as such that the entire map is redone from scratch allowing for a new experience.

Every aspect is redone from scratch, units, equipment, technologies etc. this means that in some aspects the game will still feel the exact same, for example with units being platoon sized yet still being able to fight in the same way youre used to in the vanilla game.

Aditionally there are many optional options and possibilities, such as ammo being a nessasity for your army ( tough its possible to disable it if you dont like it ).

The water is scuffed
This isn’t a bug, its a feature.

Can’t back out of the selection screen
This is a vanilla issue, due to the fact that at the current time the mod only has 1 scenario the game will try to back up into the scenario selection screen which doesnt exist because there is only 1 scenario,
I cant do much about this other than creating an aditional scenario, which I will do in due time however i have to finish the first one first.

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