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Hearts of Iron IV: History lies in Our Hands
Download this History lies in Our Hands mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

18 Aug 2019

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10.984 MB

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This mod adds History lies in Our Hands to the Game.

History lies in Our Hands is a mod which tells the story of Polish time travelers who come from the future and want to change the course of their country’s history. If you are looking for wacky mod, you came to right place

The Polish DLC “United and Ready” must be activated. Other DLCs are just addition for your gameplay.

Become leader of Poland and change history that it won’t never surrender!

-Huge Political Focus Tree
-New Events
-New Ideas
-New Advisors
-Custom Icons
-New Decisions
-Polish and English Translations

Mod is still in development, so I will be grateful for your comments.

Want to know the newest progress about my modification? Join mod’s Discord:

In New Updates:
-Even Bigger Political Branch
-New Economy Focus Tree
-Upgrade Present Focus Tree
-More Events
-Decisions about Neighbours’ Partition
-Upgrade Present Decisions

Special Thanks for:
cybercy1, BoBa314, Hussah

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