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Hearts of Iron IV: Metro
Download this Metro mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

10 May 2022

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This mod adds Metro to the Game.

Authors description: Metro

“Fear the light. Fear the dark. Fear the future”

Current HOI4 version supported: 1.11.9
Current Translations : English, Russian and Polish
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Metro : Genesis aims to recreate the critically-acclaimed post-apocalyptic science fiction universe of Metro 2033 inside Hears of Iron 4. The books originally created by Dmitry Glukhovsky and games produced by 4A Games.

In 2013 the world was bathed in the fires of nuclear fire. Humanity was wiped almost completely, safe from a handful of survivors who sought refuge within the depths of the Moscow Metro.

It is now 2028; 15 years since that event and Humanity still teeters on the brink of extinction. Huddled in their Station-cities which are constantly besieged by mutant and human threats. Neo-nazis regroup and consolidate their power at Pushkinskaya. The Aloof, capitalist Hanza draws its beady gaze upon its neighbours and the Socialist bastion of the Red Line currently in political crisis. All whilst an insidious force stirs within the metros dark, dingy depths…


An immersive gameplay experience unlike any other A completely overhauled map resembling the Moscow Metro system 6 New types of Battalions to simulate vehicular and very nature of underground warfare Unique Technologies and Equipment which simulate the universe of Metro 2033 New Decisions and Events which simulate the landscape of Metro 2033. Ability to colonise and explore abandoned stations and scavenge for resources on the surface Detailed and elaborate Ministers for different Metro Groups. Bandits, Ordinary folk & Mutants Unique ministers for Polis, Fourth Reich, Red Line, Rangers and Emerald City Focus tree for the Fourth Reich and Hansa Generic Focus tree Music from the Metro 2033 and VK games

Focus Trees for Hanza, Red Line, Polis, Arbat and many more An immersive and Dynamic Bullet economy Overhaul and Immersive units for Mutants – a whole new style of gameplay Overhauled Techs & Equipment. New units like STALKERS and Trains Expanded and overhauled Exploration and Scavenging system – Explore and fight on the surface Unique Doctrine Trees for Mutants and Savage nations More ministers, custom laws and distinctive gameplay for each nation Simulated domestic mechanics : food and rationing alongside plagues and infestations End-game content. The Dark ones Crisis, explore and battle for D6 and other troves of artefacts. The reveal of an insidious threat looming in the darkness… []

Dmitry Glukhovsky and 4A Games for the creation of the Metro series. Кефир! for the creation of the Metro 2033 VK game. The Metro wiki and Metro official discord for help regarding lore information.

Further credits can be found inside the mod folder. A huge thankyou to the Metro : Genesis discord for feedback and ideas. This mod wouldn’t exist without their fantastic and generous support. Extraordinary thanks to slouchmeister#4370 on discord for help on the bulk of the mod

Thankyou to mazdar007, Mr. Lee and Vanish#4565 for their help on Russian Translation.
Thankyou Kozwein#1618 for GFX work on the mod
Thankyou Ereno#9339 for Polish Translation
Thankyou SanctussyntH for Providing Music to the mod

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