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Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich Manpower Fix
Download this Kaiserreich Manpower Fix mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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24 Nov 2020

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This mod adds Kaiserreich Manpower Fix to the Game.

V0.8 of Kaiserreich increased the required manpower and infantry equipment costs by 50% across the board for land units. While a valid way to deal with unit spam, smaller countries with very low manpower pools could be heavily restricted by this. This mod seeks to strike a middle ground between the two balancing concerns.

The mod reduces all manpower costs back to vanilla HOI4 levels. A single infantry unit now costs 1000 manpower instead of 1500, and so on. The increased equipment costs for units remain unchanged however, meaning that it’s still harder to pump out huge armies early or afford reckless strategies. It’s just your industry that gets taxed, not your manpower pool. The adjustment applies to all land units. Nothing else has been altered.

The mod’s mainly made for people that enjoy playing small countries and still field a fair number of divisions, or just prefer the pre-0.8 unit counts in general.

Q: Will this break my save files?

No, it won’t. Testing showed that you will not, however, get your manpower “refunded” if you load an old save with this mod turned on. Starting fresh is therefore recommended, but not necessary.

Q: Will this mod break multiplayer compatibility?

Since it alters the gameplay your friends will also need to be running this mod in order to use it in multiplayer games.

Q: Any balance or performance issues?

Since everyone plays according to the same vanilla-ish rules there are no huge changes in the game’s balance. Where you’ll see a difference is mainly in smaller countries having some more flexibility, especially in places like central America where they’d typically be limited to a very small number of units below extensive concription. You won’t see anywhere near as big of a change in, say, the WK2 balance.

In terms of performance, since you’ll potentially see a lot more divisions in the field you’ll see some slowdown during very intense Weltkrieg 2 sessions. While it’s still vanilla HOI4/KR0.7 levels, it’s worth considering if you’re running HOI4 on a heavily outdated and underpowered computer.

Q: Are there any crash/compatibility issues?

Nothing that showed up during testing, but the mod might have issues if you run any other mods besides Kaiserreich that alters the files under “commonsunits” in the HOI4 folder.

V1.3 (2019/06/14): Accounted for KR’s updated logistics companies.
V1.2 (2019/04/21): Fixed an oversight with the motorized ART/AT/AA units.
V1.1 (2019/04/20): Updated for full compatibility with KR 0.8.5 and its MtG/V1.6 additions.
V1.0 (2019/01/15): Initial release, covered all land units in the mod at the time.

As always, thank you Kaiserreich team!

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