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Hearts of Iron IV: Non-Aligned Extended
Download this Non-Aligned Extended mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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19 May 2018

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This mod adds Non-Aligned Extended to the Game.

There’s plenty of mods changing up non-aligned but none exactly to my taste. Non-Aligned does somewhat represent several pieces of the middle of the spectrum such as centrism, but the more common type to me seems to be Despotism. I love doing Monarchist playthroughs like returning Kaiser Wilhelm or an Austria-Hungary playthrough and the Absolute Monarchy gets to do things unilaterally. After all, who’s telling him he can’t sent volunteers? Who approaches the great Kaiser to tell him he’s not allowed to declare war until the world becomes more tense?

Other mods take out things like no volunteers but will leave things such as world tension limits, this one does away with all of it. Want to justify a war goal on day one? No problem. Want to send volunteers? Who’s to stop the King? Want to force another government to become Non-Aligned? Not sure why you would want to when you could puppet them, but why not?

On top of that, I’ve added in light forms of the powers seen in Communism and Fascism: Puppet costs have been reduced by 10% and justifying war goals takes 25% less time when at war with a major power. This bonus isn’t huge but it makes Non-Aligned feel much different and closer to the Absolute power of the returning Emperors.

I really want to do or find a mod that features an American Monarchist focus tree and thought this would be a good place to start learning at least a little bit of code and beef up my next Return of the Kaiser playthrough.

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