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Hearts of Iron IV: KR Italian Rework
Download this KR Italian Rework mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

7 Aug 2019

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This mod adds KR Italian Rework to the Game.


This mod was made to consolidate the two monarchist factions in Italy. The PoD here is that the Italians never accept a treaty that breaks them up, but instead take on massive economic sanctions, war debt, and lose their early colonies. The economic impact is severe and radicalization takes hold of the North Italians, emboldened by the French Revolution. The Italian peninsula ends up in a full blown war, with the Syndicalists pushing the Savoyards all the way to Abruzzo. It is only thanks to English and Austrian intervention that the Kingdom does not collapse in on itself.

In the inter-war years, the Kingdom of Italy is now a weakened state in the south propped up by the Entente. The Mezzogiorno, a fertile land with grand plantations and vineyards, remains dormant and largely agricultural. The King of Italy, Vittorio Emmanuele III was originally content to allow the day-to-day running of the Kingdom to the Civil Government, but has since been forced to exercise greater executive power. While originally praised by the Sicilians for bravely remaining in Rome during the Syndicalist advancements, his popularity has waned with each passing day.

The Kingdom is at a crossroads politically with democratic elements at odds with Monarchists and Integralists. The Sicilian Mafiasos further entrench themselves and spread their corruption, infiltrating multiple levels of government and society. And, of course, there is always the Syndicalists in the North, plotting the spread of their revolution.


A new focus tree, combining the best aspects of Sicily and Sardinia

New events

Revamped list of commanders

==Future Plans==

Further Mafia events

More Flavor Events

Rebalancing the peninsula

Credits: Umberto Portrait by /u/theartisticskeleton
Extra thanks to the mod Co-op for providing troubleshooting, as well as telcontrar101 and /u/frederickbolton for lore ideas.

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