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Hearts of Iron IV: LVN: La Vittoria è Nostra!
Download this LVN: La Vittoria è Nostra! mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

4 Jan 2022

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This mod adds LVN: La Vittoria è Nostra! to the Game.

Authors description: LVN: La Vittoria è Nostra!

LVN: La Vittoria è Nostra!
Welcome to LVN, a full scale rework of Italy!
-All Vanilla style graphics
including dozens of new generals, advisors and country leaders
-More than 18 potential leaders for Italy
-Multiple alt-history paths, including at least one for each ideology
-Three unique focus trees for Italy
-Focus trees for Italian colonies
–Unique focus tree for Libya
–Formable Italian East Africa with focus tree
-Italian Civil War:
–Including the Italian Armistice: Forced upon you under historical circumstances
–New King mechanic to depose Mussolini which will force you to play as RSI
–Change sides against Germany!
…and so much more!

New for V2.0 “The Trains Run On Time”
–Much requested Pope path (it’s hidden)
–Reworked and expanded historical and ahistorical fascist tree
–Game rules
–New Victory Points
–New Generals
–Admirals overhauled
–Rebalanced advisors
–Enhanced AI strategies (thanks Expert AI 4.0)
–Updated GFX
–New military modifiers
…and much more!

Quick answer to most common questions:
We utilize focus tree and decisions pretty heavily, so if you are trying to find something that isn’t in the tree, it’s highly likely that the answer is on the decision tab. This applies to the formable nations/colonies, unions, coring decisions, etc.

I have personally spent a fair amount of money on sources and art for this mod. If you are interested in supporting us,
You can also join our Patreon here:

We have not tested this mod with other mods so we cannot guarantee compatibility.
Generally speaking, however, this mod strives to do as much as possible without touching critical game files. However, any other mod that edits that national focus tree for Italy or their OOB will obviously be incompatible. Any mod that changes the existing states or country tags will likewise be incompatible.

The artwork in this mod is not available for use without permission from the mod creator.

You can get more information about this mod or discuss with out creative team at our discord:

#Italy Rework
#Italy Update
#Italian Generals

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