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Hearts of Iron IV: Millennium Dawn 1.7 Classic Mix
Download this Millennium Dawn 1.7 Classic Mix mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

25 Aug 2019

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1,503.951 MB

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This mod adds Millennium Dawn 1.7 Classic Mix to the Game.

Authors description: Millennium Dawn 1.7 Classic Mix

i was bored so here is the ultimate Millennium Dawn 1.7 Classic this mod has all the best Millennium Dawn classic submods all wrapped into 1 big Millennium Dawn Classic 1.7 package

am i furry?!
yes feel free to tell me how sorry you feel for any animals i may encounter and how disgusting i am for wanting to wear a customized mascot costume

can you add me?!
of course

are these my personal favorite submods?!

will more submods be included/alt versions of this?!

known bugs
the events and decisions for the expanded american ideology tree don’t have their text but still work fine

feel free to comment on this and ask me anything

myself for copying a ♥♥♥♥ ton of folders
Ted52 for creating millennium dawn
generalis for the 1.7 classic MD
whoever made all these submods
bindle punk for giving me the ideas and for being my friend
E. Wolfe for the code used in MD Classic

i give credit to fellow modders unlike some people because passing off other people’s work as your own is not cool if your gonna make a combination of mods including other people you need to give credit to the people who made the files you used otherwise its content theft as someone who has experienced and seen content theft it isn’t cool let me say this again if your gonna use other people’s files to make your own mod credit them and give links to their work otherwise its not fair to them support the modders whose submods i have used in my md classic mods they deserve as much praise and recognition for their work as i might get and to all the submodders who have been included in my work thank you for uploading and i hope this gets you subscribers as well

have a awesome day 🙂

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