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Hearts of Iron IV: No retarded Germany or USA v0.3
Download this No retarded Germany or USA v0.3 mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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18 Aug 2018

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This mod adds No retarded Germany or USA v0.3 to the Game.

Updated for 1.5.4

This is a very simple and lightweight mod that nevertheless is meant to solve one of the biggest issues with HoI4 right now.

The mod is meant to bring an end to suicidal vanilla Germany and a USA that is guaranteed to attack non-democratic Germany no matter how peaceful they are.

# US intervention has been changed, they cannot attack a peaceful Hitler in 1942 as an absolute guarantee, the German Reich can proceed approximately to the Munich Conference and stay below the intervention point. If they keep expansionism going after that, they can expect to be attacked. It has also been changed to account for Germany not being fascist, the US will no longer inadvertently start WW3 by attacking a puppeted communist Germany, but they can now also attack Imperial Germany if they commit to expansionism as well, although the tolerance is moderately higher. It is now also possible for the US to switch their focus to the Soviet Union. If Germany is highly passive while the Soviet Union continually outpaces the Germans in world tension, the US can now progress down the anti-communist tree and even go to war with the Soviets if the Soviet Union keeps ahead of the German WT.

# Around the Maginot can no longer be chosen unless Poland is brought to near death, this is to prevent AI Germany from opening up multiple unprepared fronts, which more often than not results in their untimely demise. If you traded Poland Slovakia for Danzig, don’t worry, it has been accounted for, you just need to either occupy Danzig and Warsaw or be at peace with Poland to start ‘Around the Maginot’.

# Operation Tannenbaum has been changed to prevent Germany from assaulting Switzerland too early, once against preventing them from opening up another front. Italian help is not guaranteed as they may choose ‘Italy First’, leaving Germany to tackle their enemies on their own. If 1941 arrives and France is not beaten, Switzerland can now be attacked in order to use them as an alternate path around the maginot line.

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