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Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich Submod – The Giant Awakens
Download this Kaiserreich Submod - The Giant Awakens mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

15 Aug 2019

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This mod adds Kaiserreich Submod – The Giant Awakens to the Game.

In Kaiserreich, a Democratic United States after the conclusion of the Second American Civil War can find itself in an unpleasant situation. Depending on the actions of other countries, it is entirely possible to want to take to the world stage, but be locked out of any faction.

With The Giant Awakens, should the United States and Canada come to blows over New England, the USA will be able to create their own faction to usher in a new era of Global Democracy. Be wary, though: Begin “betrayed” by the Entente after the Reichspakt and Internationale have supported a Civil War in their nation will have… unique effects on the American psyche…

Current features:
– An alternate entrance to the USA’s post-war Foreign Policy focus tree, “The Canada Crisis”, available if Canada refuses to return New England and Alaska.

– A fourth branch in the USA’s post-war Foreign Policy focus tree, “A World Safe For Democracy”, available after “The Canada Crisis” so long as the United States is Democratic.

– The ability to form a new faction as the United States, the Alliance of Free Nations. Any nation with a Democratic government may be invited to the faction by decision.

– If Canada is conquered by the United States, the Canadian Provinces will later apply for Statehood, granting the US cores.

– Four new Custom Country Paths regarding Canadian intervention in the 2ACW and the USA’s post-war Foreign Policy.

More coming soon, once I figure out how I want them to work.

Requires Kaiserreich and Kaiserreich – Let’s Avoid American Civil War

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