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Hearts of Iron IV: KR Submod – More Custom Country Paths
Download this KR Submod - More Custom Country Paths mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds KR Submod – More Custom Country Paths to the Game.

KR Submod – More Custom Country Paths
Requires: Hearts of Iron IV Version 1.7.1 (Up to Date) Kaiserreich Version 0.9.3 (Up to Date)
So What’s This? KR Submod – More Custom Country Paths adds in more Custom Paths that are not in the Kaiserreich Mod.

New Paths Added: Albanian 1936 Elections Greece Monarchy Referendum Iceland Plebiscite Iceland Foreign Policy Ireland 1937 Elections Ireland Foreign Policy Papal State’s New Pope Portugal’s Political Path Romanian Civil War Sardinia’s Political Path The Two Sicillies’ Political Path 1938 South African Elections Australasia 1936 Elections Bharatiya Commune Elections Lucknow Summit Outcome Dutch East Indies’ New Governor-General Indochinese Rebellion Transamur Anti-Kolchak Coup Najd’s Political Path Jabal Shammar’s Political Path Persia’s Shah’s Death Reaction Siam’s Black Monday Path Siamese Civil War Yemen’s Rebels Reforms in the Princely Federation Farouk’s Reforms For Egypt Abyssinia’s New Constitution Status of Clans in Somalia Liberia Presidential Election Dominican Republic Presidential Election Cuba’s Havana Strike Germany 1937 Election Letter Of The 311 (Guatemala) El Salvador 1937 Revolution Return Of Idris To Tripolitania Honduras Emergency Session Nicaragua Second Election Nicaragua Liberal-Socialist Split Costa Rica 1936 Elections Panama 1936 Elections Outcome of the Indochinese Union National Assembly Chile’s New Chairman (new!) Colombia 1938 Elections (new!) Ecuador 1936 Elections (new!) Patagonia 1938 Elections (new!) Status of Council Rule (Uruguay) (new!) Venezuela 1939 Elections (new!)
Credits Big thanks to Von_Laughing for creating the original mod. Also, thank you to the Kaiserdevs for their brilliant work on the Kaiserreich mod.

wEN uPdATE1!! Updates will be sporadic from now on but I’ll provide a date when possible.

Translations Russian Korean Chinese
Compatibility Patch Mod If you want to use this mod along with the Kaiserreich Submod – Revised National Focus Times mod, use this Compatibilty Patch Mod.

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