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Hearts of Iron IV: The Man In The High Castle
Download this The Man In The High Castle mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

5 Jun 2019

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This mod adds The Man In The High Castle to the Game.

Authors description: The Man In The High Castle

Showcase pictures are not up to date with the current version.

As the old powers of the world fell, a new order arises to reign over what they’ve left behind – the whole world at their feet.In both Europe and Africa, the bastions of liberty of France and Britain have fallen to the thunderous storms of Nazi Germany and their Italian allies in mere years, soon followed suit by a catastrophe in Eastern Europe, where the Soviet Union experienced an inevitable collapse. The Axis have firmly enforced their domineering authority over these two continents, and many of what used to be their enemies are now forced to kneel before them and their policies.Out in the East, Japan has consolidated its own hold over the entirety of the Pacific and a large chunk of Asia – what remained have no chance to even make a difference. Fortunately for their subjects, the Japanese Empire is more virtuous compared to their European counterparts, and their people enjoy more rights than anywhere else under the Germans’ thumb.In America, the American superpower and any other states that had the potential of being a threat to either world power were simply annihilated; the United States have been divided into three nations, one for the Germans, one for the Japanese and a buffer state accurately named the Neutral Zone in the center. This could also be considered for the rest of the continent aswell – many previously independent nations were split, forcefully puppeted and some even annexed.Nevertheless, despite the new order’s attempts at pacifying the world, people of occupied nations have staunchly rejected their authority and still carry on active resistance; though small in nature, with more support, they could easily top the short-lived new order.

Current Content
As of right now – I wouldn’t lie, the mod is pretty bare, though we’ve been working hard to push some progress so please forgive us for the lack of balance, or simply overall content as of the first few updates.

Content, Tree, Events & More for Italy New Generic Focus Tree & Events Revamped Map and New States in parts of the World New Custom Portraits New Custom GFX Timeline set in the Man in the High Castle but with our own twist to avoid a too linear or cinematic universe
Future Plans
Upcoming Content for Dozens of Nations (Ongoing) Wrapping up the most boring aspects of coding (Ongoing) A Completely New and Redesigned Tech Tree A Larger Dev Team
Important Notice & Thanks
The Man in the High Castle team thanks its community for the support through the neverending drama that plagued us for the last three or four months; along with the former owners of the mod pre-transfer: Free and Batsy.

Special thanks to Ted52, lead of Millenium Dawn for kindly lending us a hand!

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