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Hearts of Iron IV: Star Wars: Executor
Download this Star Wars: Executor mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Star Wars: Executor to the Game.

Authors description: Star Wars: Executor

IMPORTANT: If you’re having issues, make sure you’ve cleared your cache and no mods are conflicting.
Updates to the mod could also potentially break save games depending on how much it changes.

NOTE: This mod will solely focus on the Empire on Earth during the World War 2 period. There are no plans to add another star wars faction to the game. Adding another Faction is beyond the scope of the mod and if you want to play as different Star Wars Nations, you would be better off following the development of the Hearts of Durasteel Mod which takes place during the Clone Wars and features a custom map.
Current Version: Executor 1.3

CO-OP Mode:
– Pick Tarkin and wait 35 days, an event will show up and you will be able to choose Saudi Arabia and Iraq as your allied nations.
– Together For Victory is recommended for both Co-Op and the Tarkin Path in general.

Civil War:
– The Civil War only happens if you fail to take/puppet Afghanistan and Iran by October, 1939. This civil war will eventually be expanded. It’s currently a placeholder for future content.

Welcome to the Star Wars: Executor Mod! Thank you for checking out our mod its what drives us to continue our development!

In this mod you take control of the crew of the executor who has landed on earth just before one of the greatest conflicts the world has ever seen. You will be given many choices to ensure your survival and to subjugate this new planet you have landed on. Will you side with Darth Vader and bring your opposition to heel no matter what the cost? Or will you use Tarkin and ensure no rebellion tries to overthrow you. The choice is yours!

This mod features a full tree for the Imperials that has everything from industry to conquest and features many unique systems barely ever seen in other mods. It also features a tech tree unique to the Imperials that lets you harness the power of the empire!

Starting out with republic technology, you have to work your way up.

This mod is constantly being updated with new features, fixes and other goodies so check back here regularly!!

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