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Hearts of Iron IV: Old World Blues – Advanced Coring
Download this Old World Blues - Advanced Coring mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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17 Jun 2019

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This mod adds Old World Blues – Advanced Coring to the Game.

Authors description: Old World Blues – Advanced Coring

The idea of this submod is to remove restrictions of the current coring system of not being a major country (factory count abusing) and tie the coring cost to the population numbers and some other relevant factors.

1. You are limited to coring states that neighbor your already cored states or coastal states that are located on another landmass from your capital. This way you have to gradually move towards the states you want to core.
2. The price is based on state’s population, your overall cored population and distance from the capital. Overall cored population is the main balancing factor here, this makes the cost really high for the nations with large population, while allowing small nations to get more and more troops as the game goes.
3. The coring cost is cut by 25% if you have a claim on that state.

All of this makes coring a more thoughtful decision instead of just spamming 100 political power on every state. Prices are quite high at the moment. This is by design since population is a really important resource in Old World Blues.

This coring system is meant to be a part of OWB 2.0 update. Submod is release to get feedback and work on the balance while OWB 2.0 is still being worked on.

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