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Hearts of Iron IV: Old World Blues Advancement Projects
Download this Old World Blues Advancement Projects mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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30 Mar 2019

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0.006 MB

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Old World Blues

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This mod adds Old World Blues Advancement Projects to the Game.

Q.What does this mod do:
A. It adds 2 decisions that allow you to progress from tribal to civilised and civilised to advanced technology and removed the major restriction on coring states.

Q. Is it compatible with other mods?
A. Yes, with most other mods that are compatible with the main mod. Otherwise not sure, I’d advice to check it out. The mod only adds more generic decisions (2) and modifies the coring system so it should be compatible with most other submods or generic mods which world with OWB.

Q. Is iT iRoN-mAn cOmPaTiBlE?
A. To answer in short, NO. To give a more elaborate answer, you can still run the iron-man mode for all that I know but you’re not going to have the ability to earn achievements and such just like with any game-chaning mod and just like OWB itself.

Overall, have a nice day, and I’m sure you feel strongly compelled to click that nice subscribe to the mod button after reading about this wonderful mod. If you have any further questions add me on steam and contact me that way or drop a comment down there in the comment section, any feedback is appreciated and your time blessed good man. NOW SUBSCRIBE TO THE MOD ALREADY IF YOU HAVEN’T YET. I mean, no pressure, do it or not, and have a great time either way.

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