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Hearts of Iron IV: Yuu’s Shipgirls Mod
Download this Yuu's Shipgirls Mod mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Yuu’s Shipgirls Mod to the Game.

Authors description: Yuu’s Shipgirls Mod

This mod adds the ability for certain countries to spawn shipgirls as country leaders or as admirals, or both. Each shipgirl has separate portraits and unique traits for both leader and navy, which are lore-adjusted.

Currently included shipgirls:Germany:
– U-511 (KC)
– Graf Zeppelin (AL & KC)
– Tirpitz (AL)
– Bismarck (AL & KC)
– Roon (AL)
– Warspite (KC)
– Hood (AL)
– Monarch (AL)
– Kongou (KC)
– Nagato (KC)
– Kaga (AL)
– Iowa (KC)
– Arizona (AL)
– Dunkerque (AL)
With more to be added in the future.

Additional info: – The gameplay balance is untested and wonky, expect the shipgirls to be OP.
– The mod is designed with compatibility in mind. The mod does not replace any files, so it should work fine with most mods, maybe even some overhauls.
– I’m the mod uploader. While i originally made the mod, it is currently being developed by a team over which i don’t have much authority.

Languages: The official mod is only localised to English. However, there are some fan localisations out there:
Korean / 한국어:
Russian / русский:

Team Discord Server:

Credits:Yuu: original concept, lore writer, mod lead
Ghost_Witch: Lore writer
SniperCake: Lore writer
Tooru: Lore writer
Mr.Duck: original scripter, graphics, workshop maintainer

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