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Hearts of Iron IV: Old World Blues – Radio
Download this Old World Blues - Radio mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

9 Dec 2021

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This mod adds Old World Blues – Radio to the Game.

Authors description: Old World Blues – Radio

Listen to the tunes of the Wasteland! Currently includes the music from the Fallout New Vegas radio stations, along with Tabitha’s PSAs and some extra tracks on the Mysterious Broadcast.

OLD WORLD BLUES IS *NOT* REQUIRED, but you should still subscribe to our mod:

Additionally, this mod shouldn’t change your checksum – so multiplayer partners shouldn’t need to have it installed to play with you either.

You can find our original OST in the main Old World Blues mod, or here on Spotify:

1.5 Update:
– Bumped volume from 85% to 115%.

1.4 Update:
– Bumped volume from 65% to 85%.

1.3 Update:
– Change thumbnail, hopefully.
– Adds ‘Begin Again’ to the Mysterious Broadcast.

1.2 Update:
– Add thumbnail, for reals?

1.1 Update:
– Add thumbnail, hopefully.

1.0 Update:
– Adds Radio New Vegas, without Mr. New Vegas for now.
– Adds Black Mountain Radio, including Tabitha PSAs.
– Adds Mojave Music Radio – same tracklist as Black Mountain Radio but without Tabitha PSAs.
– Adds Mysterious Broadcast.
– Adds smattering of extra tracks to Mysterious Broadcast.

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