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Hearts of Iron IV: OP Poland
Download this OP Poland mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

14 Aug 2018

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This mod adds OP Poland to the Game.

Overview”After constantly being decimated by our neighbors throughout history, we will finally have our revenge, even if it means turning the world into a wasteland of ash and dust.”

The year is 1936 (or 1939, whatever the heck you want). The Polish have beaten the United States of America to the Manhattan Proejct. They’ve also beaten Charles Yeager’s records before jet planes were even invented, because the Polish invented those too, in 1936.

And yeah, from the quote I’m sure you can tell they have gone crazy. Oh they also have Astronaut soldiers stocked in Warsaw, which they created shortly after launching their new initiative: Poland Can Into Space.

SpecificsPolish scientists have developed 5 additional research slots to add to their existing 3.

They have also researched all Electronics technologies, along with the strategic bombing doctrine, all jet aircraft, and super-heavy tanks.

Inside the capital state of Poland, advances in technology have led to an insane population size (something like 1,337 millions).

Also, the Polish have used this extra manpower to mine deeper into the earth than anyone ever has before, and they discovered the richest resource deposit on the planet.

ALSO, because of their extremely large manpower pool, the Polish can build roads, airports, rocket sites, nuclear reactors, and anti-aircraft guns at an unprecedented rate.

Plus, they have superior aircraft, with ridiculous range.

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TutorialsI started making a YouTube Playlist to teach people how to make Hearts of Iron IV mods! It’s pretty crappy and underdeveloped right now, as I am splitting my time between life, modding, and making videos, but I hope to get more videos out in the near future!

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