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Hearts of Iron IV: Pewdiepie v. T-series [LEGACY]
Download this Pewdiepie v. T-series [LEGACY] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

15 Mar 2019

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This mod adds Pewdiepie v. T-series [LEGACY] to the Game.

(WARNING: This is now a Legacy Mod, No more updates will happen. It was good while it lasted)

T-series is taking Youtube by storm, its time my 9-year olds, ITS TIME TO RISE UP UNDER OUR GREAT LEADER PEWDIEPIE.

New Editions:
Renamed Raj and Sweden
New Ideas for Both
New Leaders
New Divisons
New Named States and Capitals
New Music
Instant War between Pewd’s and T-series.
Pewdiepie vs T-series

Update Atlantic:
MrBeast Controls Canada
Markiplier Controls the US
More Troops for Canada, America and India
New Factions (Anti-Tseries, T-series)

Update Divide:
Adds Two new Ideologies (Company/Capitalist and Independent/Hacker) – (Shoutout to somepole2004 for inspiration)
Russian Civilwar

Update 1.6.1:
Updated to verison 1.6.1
Changed Portrait of Pewdipie
Changed Portrait of Bhushan Kumar

“Update” Legacy:
(Not a Update, Just parts of the Proposed Update Endgame that I did before I closed the mod)
New Portraits
New Country Codes

This is an Instant family night game, so get your family together and play as Pewdiepie… (or T-series but who wants to right?)

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