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Hearts of Iron IV: Propaganda Campaigns
Download this Propaganda Campaigns mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Propaganda Campaigns to the Game.

Authors description: Propaganda Campaigns

RELEASE NOTES: Hello everyone. I wanted to let you know that I officially paused working on this mod due to university and some other projects I simply have more fun working on. This last Update 0.9.0 brings some improvements and general cleanup to the mod that I wanted to include to make it feel more complete. This will be the last update I add except for some minor ones to ensure that the mod keeps working with newer versions of Hearts of Iron 4.For the few nations still missing, I would like to remind everyone that my mod allows anyone to add custom propaganda campaigns, so maybe someone has the time to work on some of these nations.Anyway, it was a fun project to work on and I want to thank everyone for their involvement.
Propaganda was and still is a powerful tool when it comes to rallying people for a war. World War II especially saw massive propaganda campaigns by all participants, some of which still hold their influence to this day. Unfortunately, HOI4 pays little to no attention to this topic except for one or two useless decisions that you never use anyway. So let’s change that, shall we?

FeaturesThis mod adds a completely new propganda system to the game. Complete decisions and create departments for your information agency to earn Propaganda Tokens that can then be used to launch powerful propaganda campaigns. These campaigns not only give you an advantage over your enemies, but are also displayed in the game in the form of real posters from the second world war. (Read the disclaimer at the bottom)

1 new Ressource “Propaganda Tokens”48 new Propaganda Posters15 new Propaganda Leaflets5 included Nations*1 new OperationNew EventsWorking AI Behavior
The main focus of this mod is to add new peace-time mechanics which extend the base game in a meaningful way, while still maintaining the original game flow.

* Germany, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France (incl. Vichy France)

VersionCurrent version: 0.9.0 [Development Paused]

I have worked hard to ensure that most of the planned features are fully implemented. Although development of the mod has been paused, it is completely playable for all included nations listed above and will continue to be updated to the latest versions of HOI4 if needed.

Please make sure to report any bugs or balancing issues in “Bugs / Balancing”.

CompatibilityCompatible with: Road to 56, Kaiserreich, The Great War, Calm Before the Storm*

* Check the change notes for a complete list of compatible major mods** Please note that I will not create any custom posters / features for these mods

This mod should be compatible with most other mods as it does not modify any base game files. However, I cannot guarantee that there will be no conflicts one hundred percent of the time. Also, for obvious reasons, I cannot ensure proper balancing or immersion regarding the campaigns in other mods.

Supported languages:
EnglishChinese (by IndelibleGlacier / Download)German (by [TGC] SwissPidi)Spanish (by s-someer♥)Russian (by AiH)French (by Lazuli)
Expandability – Want to add your own Posters?This mod was designed in a way that anyone can easily add new propaganda campaigns to the game. You can find a tutorial and all necessary documents in this Guide. Don’t forget to shamelessly promote your submod in the discussion “Your Mod Spotlight”

Contribution and SupportI want to thank IndelibleGlacier, [TGC] SwissPidi, s-someer♥, AiH and Lazuli for helping me translate the mod into different languages, as well as SpatialX for helping me with the posters for France. Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks to Globvs[] for his incredible Ultimate-HOI4-GFX Collection[].


Disclaimer: I do not support any of the statements made on the posters used in this mod. The posters were chosen exclusively for aesthetic and thematic reasons and are only for educational purposes. I have taken great caution not to use images with excessive personality cult, calls for genocide or other discriminating messages.

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