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Hearts of Iron IV: Puppet-flags&much more
Download this Puppet-flags&much more mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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25 Apr 2019

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28.207 MB

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Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory, Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger, Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns

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This mod adds Puppet-flags&much more to the Game.

Puppet Flags&Colours Version2 BETA
thsi is a reupload

Hello and guten Tag to the Beta-version of my new mod
So pls only download the mod if u want to help me a bit with bug-reporting.

a small Q&A before we start:

Q: Why not just releasing it?
A: I tried some new things that i never done before, it is a bit bigger than i thought now and i still have many more thing to add. Especially to find every Event, decision or Focus tree where the new regions needs to be added is a problem here.

Q: is this actually a question?
A: well yes but actually no.

Q: Will there be a version without the new regions?
A: yes i will update my older mod to a version without new regions or countries so it will be as compatible as possible.

So what does this Mod do?At the moment i added only the minimum of the stuff that i actually planned. more to that later.
i added some new provinces, mainly for aesthatic reasons:

VatikanSan MarinoAndorraLiechtensteinUImMonacoNorth-basque (fra)north-catalonia (fra)BadenBremenHamburgLubeckDanzigRigaBahrainSwasilandLesothoGabina (Angola)north-PanamaSingapural-Hasaka (syria)South-Sudetenlandfrench-switzerlanditalian-switzerlandwest-macedoniaeast-serbiakosovopalatinatesaarlandnancynorth-sleswigeupen&Malmedywest-rhinelandAksai Chindobruschna+ i changed also that the rhine is now the border of the dutch state. The state of turkey that was part of Europe and Asia is now split in a european and an asian part.

new nations with their Tags:N00 = Teutonic OrderN01 = BavariaN02 = wallachiaN03 = CornwallN04 = Bretagne N05 = CataloniaN06 = QuebecN07 = TexasN08 = California N12 = NewEngland N13 = Silesia N14 = AndalusiaN15 = KareliaN16 = KurdistanN18 = MilanoN19 = PrussiaN20 = NormandieN21 = BritishColumbiaN22 = Washington N23 = Oregon N24 = CSA (i know it can be formed with the new Focus tree but i will keep it)N25 = Aragon N26 = WurtembergN27 = NorthKoreaN28 = SouthKoreaN29 = WallonieN30 = FlandernN31 = Baden N32 = AndorraN33 = VaticanN34 = SanMarinoN35 = MonacoN36 = LiechtensteinN37 = SaxonyN38 = Thuringia N39 = MecklenburgN41 = NewYorkN43 = BohemiaaN44 = MoraviaN47 = SouthsudanN48 = bahrainN49 = BasqueN50 = HongKongN51 = CoriscaN52 = OkcitaniaN53 = Galicia (Spain)N54 = GreenlandN55 = FaeroerIslandsN56 = SingapurN58 = Osttimor N59 = ValenciaN60 = SalomonenN61 = Tuscany N62 = SavoyenPiemontN63 = Sicily N64 = VenetiaN65 = BasutolandN66 = SwasilandN73 = OrangeFreeStateN75 = KosovoN76 = SapmiN77 = UlmN79 = MoskowiaN80 = Crete N81 = Tatarstan N82 = KomiN83 = TyrolN84 = SardiniaN85 = SeychellenN87 = Palau N88 = MarshallIslands N89 = Danzig N90 = Alaska N92 = NewfoundlandN93 = Crimea N95 = SaarlandN96 = Qingdao N97 = GaliciaN98 = SibiriaN99 = KapVerdeNA0 = BremenNA1 = HamburgNA2 = RigaNA3 = LΓΌbeckNA4 = EzoNA5 = KrakowNA6 = SzeklerlandNA7 = Rhineland NA8 = Westfalia NA9 = AlbertaNB0 = LouisianaNB1 = ElsassNB2 = ArizonaNB3 = LothringenNB4 = PommernNB5 = UtahNB6 = HawaiiNB7 = GreenUkraineNB8 = fareastNB9 = naples
new formable Nations:African Union (not completly right)Alpine UnionAngevine EmpireBalkan UnionBavaria-AustriaCascadiaCeltic UnionGolden CircleBrazil EmpireGermanic UnionIberian UnionInca EmpireLatin Union (European only)United LevanteLivlandMaghrebNorthsea EmpireSouthamerican UnionTechnocratic America
Overlord than can change thier puppet FlagsAfrican UnionAustria-HungaryGBEUFranceGermanyItalyHoly Roman EmpireNetherlandsJapanTeutonic OrderPersiaBavariaPersiaQing-ChinaRussiaRoman EmpireTechnocratic AmericaUSA
Known bugssome flags are still missing, they were just too much, so i added empty flags instead, will add them over timemadagaskar has no decesion to change their flag and namesome countries will not change their colour when u decide to change their flags and namesome of the formable Nations are only available for some specific countries (e.g African Union: Ethopia, Lybia and Saouth Africa) that will be the first thing i will fix some of the english Translations (sorry i am german)
version 0.1Decisions for some countries to change your own flagssome country unions: United Axis, Italian-German Union, French-German Union, Dreibund(italy, austria, germany) u just need to be allied with eachother.smaller bugfixes
version 0.2color changing should work now for every overlordGreater French Empire as a new formable nationsome new flagssome new Maps for the new formable nation-decisons
What i plan for the Futurehistorical puppet-flagsmore formable nationsPuppet-Flags for: Sweden, China(all chinas)Decisions to change your own flags (picture will follow)more decisions in general (e.g. germany controll Austria, Liechtenstein is faschist => Liechtenstein wants to be part of germany)Countrie-Union (picture will follow)
you can also join my discord, to make suggestion and send me bug-reports:

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