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Hearts of Iron IV: Radiation Kills! V1.08
Download this Radiation Kills! V1.08 mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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21 Dec 2021

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This mod adds Radiation Kills! V1.08 to the Game.

Authors description: Radiation Kills! V1.08

Do you feel like the vanilla nukes are unsatisfactory?

Do you want to nuke your neighbour and do you want him to feel that?

I know I do, welcome to Radiation Kills! the primairy function of this modification is to make nukes a larger threat, ever since the game came out nukes have rather been a waste of research slots as the only use for them really was to just nuke the entire frontline into nonexistance, it doesn’t even damage the population in vanilla like come on.

For all you science kiddo’s out there, yeah yeah I know it doesn’t work this way, its just for fun aight.

But what does it do?

The main focus of this mod is to make nuclear arms a larger threat, not only to the enemy but also towards yourself.

Main Features:

1. Nuclear arms now actually deal population damage when dropped uppon a state, the damage dealt is based uppon the state’s population and is a relatively static number due to some limitations of the games engine. In short a bomb will do one of 3 damage levels, for a state with a population below 1.2 million. For a state between 1.2 and 3 and for a state above 3 million.

< 1.2 mil : A damage calculation is made using an ingame math system, it should always come down to roughly 10% of the existing population 1.2 - 3 mil : Due to an engine limitation the game cant progress large calculations so above 1.5 milion ( i have set it to 1.2 for this mod just to be safe. ) can't be made thus these states will always lose ~100K population > 3 mil
The same of above applies which leads to a manual set casualty count of ~ 1 milion

2. death counter and radiation levels. All deaths caused directly by nuclear arms will be listed on your screen, it doesnt do anything, I just toughed it would be cool to see how much dies by nukes, this counter relies on maths though so if you launch more than 6-10 nukes at the exact same time ( ie paused ) it freaks out and cant make the calculation breaking the counter. Aditionally there are global radiation levels that increase everytime a bomb is dropped, these values are far from realistic however it is for fun, the counter more or less works like a doomsday clock, the more nukes used the higher radiation levels will become and the more debuffs both troops, the state and the provinces will get.

3. Province radiation levels are an aditional factor besides the global level, the local radiation level once high will start killing the population in the state with an increasing intensity the higher state radiation levels get, high state radiation levels on its own are however not enough to decrease a states population, to literuarly start killing the world with radiation you will need a combination of high global radiation and a high state radiation, this will mean that the population will start dropping to the floor like flies, which can also be seen when having a state selected. ( It will show you the deaths in the state caused by radiation ).

4. Global debuffs are put into place once global radiation levels start rising, the radiation levels are by no means based uppon realistic values even if I use actual radiation measurement names, its just for fun. Global debuffs start once the global radiation level is at 10 and up and is at maximum ‘damage’ once the radiation levels are above 100. The debuffs you’re exposed to are to many to list, and at low global radiation levels are easily managable, at higher or extreme levels however it will become a task for anyone to propperly keep their forces in order and their country intact, the debuffs include but are not limited to lower to no population growth, slower production, units in combat dying just from radiation and no longer the enemy and a lack of healthy combat personel.

1. Dropping exessive amounts of nukes while the game is paused ( usually between 4 – 10 ) will break your casualty counter, this is due to the fact that the game can’t keep up with the calculations, you will only not be able to tell how much casualties are caused, everything else will still however work as it should.

2. Nuking adds manpower to the enemy, this is a problem that is in the engine that I can’t do anything about, when a state has population added or more importantly SUBTRACTED the added or subtracted number will instantly be added to the state’s population pool untill it has been capped, when subtracting for some reason it will still fill up the local manpower pool to max meaning that if a state has 0/200K in its manpower pool and it gets nuked it will have 100/165K for example. This issue is slowed by a scuffed solution where a states entire manpower pool is removed for a short period after the nuke hit, once the manpower limiter is removed however it will still not care and add all of that population to the manpower pool. In practical sence youre still removing alot of people from the enemies possible manpower pool its current pool will however just be increased for a short period.

3. The counter blocks thing ‘x’. The casualty and radiation counters may block things in your screen, this is because of the way custom GUI’s work, there is probibly a better way to do it but I havn’t found it yet. The problem is caused by the fact that the custom objects are based uppon a x/y pixel coordinate, the mod was made in 1920×1080 and the radiation box coordinate is set to X1152 which means that if your monitor has less ‘width’ it will be blocking something.


This mod is made for vanilla however has been tested and altered to be compatable with RT56. As far as others have told me most total conversions dont even launch with this mod enabled, if there is a mod you would like to see this work for however leave a comment in the compatability post below and I will attempt to make it work. Other than that it SHOULD work with all mods that DO NOT alter the way nukes or attrition work.

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Korean version:

Polish version:

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