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Hearts of Iron IV: Regional focus trees
Download this Regional focus trees mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

10 Mar 2021

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This mod adds Regional focus trees to the Game.

There have been 80 new tags recently added to the game with mtg, but every single one of them is stuck on the boring, uninspiring default focus tree…

But creating a focus for every single releasable and minor nation is just impossible.

Thats why I made new, fun “generic” focus trees for specific regions ( Right now its Africa, Central+South america and the carribean island nations). Currently 75 Nations that had the generic focus tree get a regional one due to this mod.

I tried to stay as close as possible to the vanilla trees and not make the nations either imba or causing ww2 every three minutes while still being a new fun tree.

Enjoy! 🙂

The generel options for each region:

South America:
– Join either axis,commintern or allies (VERY restrictive, ability to join is dependent on global situation of the main countries (ger,sov,eng))
– Ally with germany against the USA after Sovjet union is ded/ fighting with US (communist alt-path)
– Conquer Southamerica for yourself before facing the US (Very rare for AI to take this path, impossible on historic)
– Take in german refugees after axis lost

– Also join either axis or comminter(VERY restrictive, ability to join is dependent on global situation of the main countries (ger,sov,eng))
– Provoke the US by attacking their embassy (communist)
– Act as a german staging base for assault on the us
– Spread communist revolutions in Central america like good ol che did (communist alternative)
– Befriend the US and act as a carribean guardian with your navi
– Dont do anything and chill on your island

– Rebell or Befriend your Overlord to gain independence
– Return to tribal conquest and fight other Ex-Colonies in Africa (only possible when those exist on your borders, not able to fight a major or someone in a faction with this (so ww2 doesnt happen due to gambia being a mad lad))
– Walk the long, stony road to turn your country into one that global powers want to establish relations with

Future plans:
– Give Africa a chance to make an alliance of all subject nations for independence war against opressor (event) — DONE
– Regional focus tree for middle east — DONE
– Regional focus tree central asia

EDIT: updated to 1.7.1, I also added a tree for the middle eastern countries aswell as updating the south american and african one.
Im not really sure if I like where I went with the middle east, might be subject to change later.

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