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Hearts of Iron IV: Rise of Italia
Download this Rise of Italia mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Rise of Italia to the Game.

Authors description: Rise of Italia

Old mod – New coatDisclaimer – a work in progress:
I understand that this mod had a bit of a.. worse reputation, let’s say. There were certain factors that made this mod a complete meme — be it unbalance, a certain ideological bias ffrom the mods, or just plain nonsensical lore.

I was part of the original dev team back before the mod was abandoned and even then strived for making this mod something else — or rather something better, as it simply pained me to see the mod ridiculed. I joined the dev team to mold this mod into something more respectable, while it still retains the factor of fun that drew me to play this in the first place. Now, that I have obtained the full ownership of the mod, I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into making this mod better, but it is still a work in progress, as there’s still simply too much work to be done. Although I have been lucky enough to receive help from many volunteers, it will still take time before I consider the mod complete.

Better version!Much effort has been put into this mod so far, and we’re proud to present this early re-release of Rise of Italia, which has been drastically improved in certain aspects of the game. At this point the mod can offer:

Focus trees for nations such as Italy, Germany, Great Britain, UF, Vietnam, France, Turkey and more! Balanced out economics system accessed via decisions and integrated into focuses Scripted events and peace deals to help performance and prevent AI from snowballing Localized events, focuses and ideas with custom GFX Custom portraits for most leaders — constantly improving the portraits from old version An actual lore! (Check discussions) And much more!
As this is a work in progress, there’s of course unfinished stuff. We are working on finishing this as soon as possible, but the amount of work was very straining and I just hope we’ll get some help from volunteers. So please understand that some things are to be added in the future. Some of these things with highest priority are:
Russian update Making focus trees for Japan, Austria and HungaryAll I ask of you is to give the mod a fair try and to not judge it too harshly, as it’s something I deeply care about, and I believe you will enjoy it if you give it a try.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you like the mod!

Special thanks to: Former Rise of Italia devs, who are still very supportive Former Rise of Italia lead dev, Captain Orange My dev team Everyone who contributed with portraits or ideas RoI Community on our Discord[], who keep me motivated to work on the mod, and report bugs to me Mod Coop (discord[]) who always helped me when I asked And last, but not least — My friends, who are very supportive of me and the mod

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